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19 October 2021

NSW makes its biggest investment in tackling domestic violence – The Sydney Morning Herald


Federation 'ill-equipped' to deal with 21st-century challenges as Australia's vulnerabilities rise – ABC News


Covid: Australia's Flying Doctors take vaccines to vast remote areas – BBC News


Times Square billboard mocks Australia's climate change policies – SBS News


Housing Prices Continue to Soar in Many Countries Around the World - IMF


Power squeeze curbs Chinese growth, leaves Europe in a gas bind - Reuters


China denies testing nuclear-capable hypersonic missile – BBC News


EdUHK's Innovative Ways to Test Hearing – Asia Research News


A laser concept developed by Pitt physicists could surpass a 60-year-old limitation – University of Pittsburgh




18 October 2021

Women escaping domestic violence to get access to $5,000 payments from this week – SBS News


Paulene struggles to pay the bills each week and new research finds she's not alone – ABC News


Call for national safety plan to end violence against Indigenous women – The Age


'Highly unlikely' Nationals will back greater 2030 climate target, Barnaby Joyce says – SBS News


ABC announces independent review of complaints handling processes with report expected in March – ABC News


ACCC warns phone users to be aware of evolving Flubot scams – ABC News


China puts US on back foot with ‘game-changing’ hypersonic missile test – The Age


China accuses US and Canada of threatening peace after warships sail through the Taiwan Strait – ABC News


‘We are at the mercy of the volcano’: No end in sight for La Palma eruption – The Sydney Morning Herald


NASA launches first space probe to study Jupiter’s Trojan asteroids – The age


Week in pictures: 9 - 15 October 2021 - BBC




17 October 2021

‘Summer is looking good’: NSW hits 80% target, pushes for students and tourists to return – The Sydney Morning Herald


Video catches Queen criticising world leaders avoiding COP26 – SBS News


Now he’s been shamed into going, Morrison must take more than spin to Glasgow – The Age


Backbenchers push government to take on tax reform – The Sydney Morning Herald


‘Crisis’ of Aboriginal homelessness in sights of multimillion dollar plan – The Sydney Morning Herald


Australia's largest detected heroin shipment intercepted, AFP says – SBS News


Russia exceeds 1,000 daily COVID deaths for first time – Al Jazeera


Suddenly we are in the middle of a global energy crisis. What happened? - The Conversation


Bill shock looms for households as global energy crisis fuels price surge – ABC News


NASA launches first space probe to study Jupiter’s Trojan asteroids – The Sydney Morning Herald


‘Play the game’: Why switching energy providers just became easier – The New Daily


Current evidence on dietary intakes of fatty acids and mortality – The BMJ


Leatherback turtle sightings could indicate return to Queensland shores to nest – ABC News


China launches longest-ever crewed mission for space station construction – ABC News


Nutrition in primary care yields health and economic benefits – Griffith University




15 October 2021

Organised crime going undetected, says AFP, as Australian hits US ‘most wanted’ list – The Sydney Morning Herald


Bill Papas's companies earned $500 million from fraud, liquidators allege – ABC News


Losing one cabinet minister is unfortunate, but seven is just careless – The Age


Grattan on Friday: Anthony Albanese needed to walk the talk on Labor integrity issue – The Conversation


Australia's public hospitals in crisis, AMA report says – SBS News


Emergency patients in south-east Queensland can wait hours for an ambulance, documents show – ABC News


Australia now has fewer staffed ICU beds than at the beginning of the pandemic – The New Daily


‘The hardest thing you can do’: Why there’s little progress on tax reform – The Age


ASIC launches Federal Court action and calls on general insurers to review pricing practices - ASIC


Famed economist Larry Summers warns United States economy is overheating – ABC News


China's record factory gate inflation stokes policy dilemma - Reuters


Violence surges in Pakistan's tribal belt as Taliban, IS-K go on attack – BBC News


Astronomers find Jupiter-like planet orbiting white dwarf star, in potential glimpse at our Solar System's future – ABC News


NASA’s Perseverance Rover Finds Signs of Epic Ancient Floods on Mars – Scientific American


Long Hauls in Space Seem to Increase Brain Damage Risk, Study Finds – Science Alert




14 October 2021

For political parties, the gambling industry's generosity knows no bounds – ABC News


Minister Mick de Brenni rejects accusations of misleading parliament over Queensland building regulator investigation – ABC News


Former NSW premier Mike Baird called as witness for ICAC inquiry into Gladys Berejiklian – ABC News


Former Victorian Labor staffer tells IBAC he was ordered to buy $14,000 in stamps using taxpayer money – ABC News


Trial delayed for Liberal MP Fraser Ellis over alleged fraudulent claims for Country Members Accommodation Allowance – ABC News


Anthony Albanese hasn't spoken to Labor MP Anthony Byrne since branch-stacking admissions – ABC News


Australia becoming a 'dumping ground' for polluting cars as government delays signing on to international standards – ABC News


Black mould, termites and no electricity or hot water: Inside the Aboriginal housing divide – ABC News


How teaching Indigenous students about culture and history is turning lives around – ABC News


As a doctor and husband of a woman who chose the timing of her death, I offer some facts on assisted dying – The Sydney Morning Herald


Why a proposed law to use secret evidence to deport migrants has rights groups concerned – SBS News


Migrant workers face poor conditions and underpayment on Australian farms, inquiry hears – SBS News


What is driving China’s e-commerce growth? - East Asia Forum


Rising German inflation calls for 'noticeable wage gains', union chief says - Reuters


Many at-risk older adults aren’t checking blood pressure at home, or being encouraged to do so – University of Michigan


Why do we wake around 3am and dwell on our fears and shortcomings? - The Conversation


What Is 5G? Here Is a Short Video Primer – Scientific American


A new way to pay is coming to Woolworths and Coles – The New Daily


Tasmania's giant kelp forests starting to regrow just a year into rescue trial – ABC News


Australians among Natural History Museum Wildlife Photographer of the Year winners – ABC News


E-waste surges in 2021 as world sends goldmine to landfill – ABC News


Sea Level Rise Will Hugely Differ if We Can Limit Global Warming, New Study Warns – Science Alert




13 October 2021

‘Colour-coded’ spreadsheets used in ‘pork barrelling’ fund, government MP admits – The New Daily


Albanese ducks questions on branch stacker’s future – The Age


JobMaker was meant to support 450,000 jobs. The real figure is just 1 per cent of that – ABC News


IBAC vs ICAC: what are these anti-corruption commissions and how do they compare? - The Conversation


Casino operator Star Entertainment Group to be investigated by Queensland gaming regulator – ABC News


A budget reckoning: How the tax system is failing Australians – The Sydney Morning Herald


Voluntary assisted dying bill draws multiparty support across NSW Parliament – The Sydney Morning Herald


‘The worst is yet to come’: China Daily issues fresh threats of trade strikes – The Sydney Morning Herald


China's property sector stalked by Evergrande default fears as developer misses third deadline – ABC News


Learning the truth of Indigenous abuse key to fixing justice system – The Age


AI Designs Quantum Physics Experiments beyond What Any Human Has Conceived – Scientific American


What Is Machine Learning, and How Does It Work? Here's a Short Video Primer – Scientific American




12 October 2021

Michael Pascoe: Unrepentant, the Coalition pork barrel rolls on with Building Better Regions Fund – The New Daily


Treasury defends $27 billion JobKeeper waste, says it knew some ‘may not need support’ - The New Daily


IBAC vs ICAC: what are these anti-corruption commissions and how do they compare? - The Conversation


Andrews loses fourth minister to branch stacking scandal – The Age


‘No knowledge’: Gambling watchdog unaware of criminal infiltration of Star casinos – The age


Average citizens might not ‘volunteer’ for death if they could afford what the rich can: staying alive with dignity – The Sydney Morning Herald


Bad for patients, bad for paramedics: ambulance ramping is a symptom of a health system in distress – The Conversation


Mackay Base Hospital set for independent review amid complaints of patient harm from women during caesareans – ABC News


Calls for more action to end domestic violence as 41st woman allegedly killed this year – SBS News


What happened to other countries that opened up after hitting their vaccine targets? - SBS News


India, China army talks fail to defuse Ladakh border tensions – ABC News


A Pentagon official said he resigned because US cybersecurity is no match for China, calling it ‘kindergarten level’ - Business Insider Australia


Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman lashes out at former Australian prime minister Tony Abbott over Taiwan – ABC News


China says it carried out beach landing drills in province opposite Taiwan - Reuters


Britain reaffirms Asia 'tilt' as new warship makes Singapore stop - Reuters


Here's Why You Keep Being Told to Exercise if You Have Lower Back Pain - ScienceAlert


Why easing COVID restrictions could prompt a fierce flu rebound - Nature



11 October 2021

New spending adds to debt and deficits with no end in sight – The Age


Federal government to fast-track Child Care Subsidy increase by four months - ABCNews


COVID-19 support payments will be wound back as vaccinations rise. So what do the experts say willl happen? - ABC News


NSW records 477 new COVID-19 cases, six deaths; Dominic Perrottet says residents have 'earned' state's reopening – ABC News


UK records 133 COVID-19 deaths, 34,950 new cases - Reuters


Pathway to raise criminal age of responsibility for children revealed – The Sydney Morning Herald


More than 300 teens in state care turned 18 in lockdown, forced to leave home – The Sydney Morning Herald


The fallen Star: Sydney’s cleanskin casino caught in ‘dirty’ company – The Sydney Morning Herald


New $1 billion-plus project in Queensland to double world's green hydrogen production capacity – ABC News


Austrian chancellor Sebastian Kurz resigns over allegations of corruption – SBS News


President Tsai Ing-wen says Taiwan will not be forced to bow to China – ABC News


Marking 10 years in Darwin, top US diplomat signals bigger US marine deployments in Top End – ABC News


Goldman cuts forecast for U.S. economic growth in 2021 and 2022 - Reuters


Pope Francis launches consultation on Church reform – BBC News


Volcanic lava in Spain's La Palma engulfs more houses, land - Reuters


China's Moon Rocks Set a Record For Youngest Lunar Material: 1.97 Billion Years Old – Science Alert


Artificial intelligence is now part of our everyday lives – and its growing power is a double-edged sword – The Conversation


Lebanon restores power supply after 24-hour blackout - SBS News


India: Looming power ‘crisis’ in Delhi amid coal shortages – Al Jazeera


British industry warns of factory closures without help on fuel costs - Reuters


Libs, don’t let the Nats rob taxpayers with a $250 billion coal bailout – The Sydney Morning Herald


Prices are rising. But does anyone know where inflation's heading? - ABC News


Take Five: Inflation, energy and earnings - Reuters


What are dust mites, why do they cause allergies and can we get rid of them? - ABC News




10 October 2021

Canberra won’t find corruption because it’s desperate not to look – The Age


Fight over corruption watchdog could result in an empty kennel – The Sydney Morning Herald


Zoe Daniel: Integrity is at the core of our expectations of our politicians. Right? - The New Daily


‘Australia has become a go-to destination for dirty money’: Leaks reveal nation’s tax weaknesses – The Age


NSW Premier warns residents to brace for a 'difficult time' ahead as the state begins to reopen – ABC News


Australia is rolling out COVID-19 booster shots. Here's how they work – SBS News


What happened to other countries that opened up after COVID-19 vaccine targets? - SBS News


Complaints about four major banks fall: AFCA – Australian Financial Complaints Authority


Labor promises to increase Australian-made spend if it wins federal election – The Age


WA Health Minister Roger Cook says hospitals already under pressure due to COVID-19 – ABC News


Business Council of Australia backs 2030 climate target – SBS News


‘This is a carbon tax’: Angus Taylor takes a swipe at Business Council – The Sydney Morning Herald


A people torn apart by bloody dispossession and disease – The Age


Calls for 'blue card' as Australian Federal Police officers left to fight for PTSD compensation through the courts – ABC News


Australian Catholics are having a reckoning moment. Here's what young believers think – ABC News


Rain set to drench parts of outback Queensland in the coming days – ABC News


Abbott dumps on Beijing’s ‘new red emperor’ in provocative Taiwan speech – The Age


OECD says deal reached on global minimum corporate tax rate – The Sydney Morning Herald


Evergrande creditors fear imminent default as concerns shake sector - REuters


China's President Xi Jinping vows 'reunification' with Taiwan – SBS News


Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz has resigned due to a corruption inquiry – SBS News


Preventing non-alcoholic fatty liver disease: A handful of nuts and seeds – The New Daily


Aiming for 10,000 steps? It turns out 7,000 could be enough to cut your risk of early death – University of Sydney


Move for three minutes every half hour to counteract effects of sitting - ACU


The Important Reason Your Should Take Your Earphones Out And Let Your Ears Breathe – Science Alert


Deforestation of Brazilian Amazon rises in September -satellite data - REuters


Research Snapshot: Mindfulness may provide brain benefits beyond mental health – Vanderbilt University




8 October 2021

ICAC curtailment leads to scrapping of public service mandatory reporting obligations – ABC News


Transport union threatens national delivery strike as Christmas approaches – ABC News


Grattan on Friday: Morrison government faces battle over integrity commission it doesn’t really want – The Conversation


Andrews government knew three years ago about problems at centre of corruption probe – The Age


Australian far-right terrorism investigations have increased by 750 per cent in 18 months – SBS News


ACCC calls for banks to name-check transactions to stop ‘rapidly rising’ scams – The Age


Housing stock gains $1 trillion in value even as businesses shed staff – The Sydney Morning Herald


Sydney news: AMA warns Dominic Perrottet's faster reopening could see hospital admissions 'skyrocket' – ABC News


Coles in-store butchers' axing could see meat prices drop, retail expert says – ABC News


Australian law chief wants defamation rules fixed for digital age – Al Jazeera


Life at 50C: Keeping cool in India's heatwaves – BBC News


NASA’s Perseverance Rover Finds Signs of Epic Ancient Floods on Mars – Scientific American




7 October 2021

APRA takes modest step into housing ... with political echoes of 1961 – The Sydney Morning Herald


A federal ICAC must end the confusion between integrity questions and corruption – The Conversation


NSW premier unveils changes to state's reopening as 587 new COVID-19 cases recorded – SBS News


Government accused of turning its back on elderly victims of collapsed housing scheme – ABC News


Australia to stop processing asylum seekers in PNG but government's refugee policy unchanged – ABC News


Inflation Scares in an Uncharted Recovery – International Monetary Fund


WHO backs malaria vaccine rollout for Africa's children in major breakthrough - Reuters


Massively Reducing Food Waste Could Feed the World – Scientific american


How to tell if you have enough insurance to rebuild after a disaster - RACQ


Revealing the logic of the body’s ‘second brain’ - Michigan State University


New Molecular Tool Kit Wins Chemistry Nobel – Scientific American




6 October 2021

‘Weakest watchdog’: Report slams Morrison plan for integrity commission – The Age


Why Scott Morrison and his government oppose a NSW-style anti-corruption watchdog – SBS News


Three years delayed, Australia might finally get a federal ICAC. What will it look like? - The New Daily


IBAC scrutiny on Andrews over firefighters’ union deal – The Age


Devout Catholic and vocal conservative: Who is NSW’s new premier Dominic Perrottet? - SBS News


Read incoming Premier Dominic Perrottet's first speech in full - ABC News


Facebook ‘harms children and weakens democracy’, former executive alleges – The New Daily


Hillsong founder Brian Houston to plead not guilty to concealing child sexual abuse – SBS News


Some 216,000 children abused by French Catholic clergy over 70-year period – SBS News


Vatican trial prosecutors concede case gaps, willing to investigate more - Reuters


China’s property sector in turmoil as another developer hits trouble – The Age


China sends 56 jets into Taiwan defence zone in another record incursion – SBS News


Tony Abbott flies to Taiwan for keynote speech as tensions rise with China – ABC News


What Is Machine Learning, and How Does It Work? Here's a Short Video Primer – Scientific American


How to fix wifi black spots around your house – Your Life Choices




5 October 2021

Prostate cancer: act now or fail a generation of men - InSight+


Australians have clawed back at least $500m in 'junk' insurance. Here’s how they’re doing it – ABC News


ATO statement regarding Pandora Papers – Australian Taxation Office


'Tearing our societies apart': Facebook whistleblower's revelations fuel concern in Australia – SBS News


Lift hospital funding to prepare for surge, Greg Hunt tells states – The Sydney Morning Herald


Thousands face income hit as disaster payments are cut: UNSW – The Age


In Israel ‘fully vaccinated’ means three doses – The Sydney Morning Herald


Last year we backed you, this year you’re on your own: COVID’s scorched economic path revealed - ACOSS


Australia purchases 300,000 doses of 'promising' COVID-19 pill – SBS News


US to move against ‘waves of damage’ caused by China’s trade – The age


Pandora Papers reveal big foreign money secretly behind some prime Australian real estate – ABC News


To Beat the Heat, Phoenix Paints Its Streets Gray – Scientific American


Rosemary in roundabouts, lemons over the fence: how to go urban foraging safely, respectfully and cleverly – The Conversation


Why exercise is more important than weight loss for a longer life – The Sydney Morning Herald


Landmark trial eliminates pest mosquito - CSIRO


High-Flying Sensor Detects Living Things from Far Above – Scientific American




4 October 2021

COVID-19 delays breast cancer detection in Australia – SBS News


ICAC is not a curse, and probity in government matters. The Australian media would do well to remember that – The conversation


Dominic Perrottet vows 'unity, stability' as he enters race for next NSW premier – SBS News


Barnaby Joyce criticises idea of federal ICAC amid calls for corruption body – ABC News


Road to net zero: What the rest of the world thinks about Australia’s climate policy – The New Daily


COVID-19 vaccine scheme offers $1 million cash prize – SBS News


Thousands face income hit as disaster payments are cut: UNSW – The Sydney Morning Herald


Pandora Papers: Secret wealth and dealings of world leaders exposed – BBC News


French Catholic Church had an estimated 3,000 paedophiles since 1950s - commission head - Reuters


Buckle up because global markets are in for a bumpy ride in the days and months ahead – ABC News


New Zealand's Delta outbreak spreads outside Auckland - Reuters


China sends fighter jets into Taiwanese airspace, beating Friday's record incursion – ABC News


Taiwan deploys combat aircraft to meet China’s largest ever ‘military aggression’ - The Sydney Morning Herald


Philippines' Rodrigo Duterte announces retirement, says daughter will run for president – SBS News


Marine heatwaves during winter could have dire impacts on New Zealand fisheries and herald more summer storms – The Conversation


9-Year Study Reveals The Lasting Effects Childhood Trauma Has on Adult Relationships - Science alert


We Might Be Wrong About How Children Understand The Minds of Others at a Young Age – Science Alert


Large-Scale Study Reveals The True Health Benefits of Getting Outdoors More – Science Alert


Gigantic Comet Approaching From Outer Solar System May Be The Largest Ever Seen – Science Alert




 3 October 2021

Seasonal workers from the Pacific hard at work at NT mango farms less than a month after arrival – ABC News


China is in the midst of a power crunch and the Evergrande crisis. But not everyone is panicking — yet – ABC News


Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte announces retirement from politics – ABC News


Russia says AUKUS pact threatens nuclear non-proliferation regime – Al Jazeera


Taiwan scrambles jets after largest ever incursion by China – Al Jazeera


US hits 700,000 COVID-19 deaths, three months after reaching 600,000 deaths - SBS News


COVID-19 pill hailed after cutting hospitalisations by half – SBS News


Here's what happens when you’re hospitalised with COVID – Lens, Monash University


Jimmy Carter’s legacy seems to improve with age – Al Jazeera


European and Japanese BepiColombo mission captures image of Mercury for the first time – ABC News


Want to reduce your food waste at home? Here are the six best evidence-based ways to do it – Lens, Monash University




2 October 2021

Why Gladys Berejiklian resigned: Everything you need to know about ICAC inquiry into the departing NSW Premier – ABC News


Renewed calls for national integrity commission after Gladys Berejiklian resigns – SBS News


With no code of conduct, SA politicians can't be investigated for misconduct, ICAC says – ABC News


Scott Morrison promotes allies in reshuffle following Christian Porter's resignation – ABC News


Australia's international borders are set to reopen in November – SBS News


Scott Morrison confirms he's unlikely to attend UN climate summit in Glasgow – SBS News


Queensland LNP health spokeswoman is a member of ‘anti-COVID vax union’ - The Sydney Morning Herald


Chinese fighter jets make the largest show of force near Taiwan this year on National Day – ABC News


Consumers fume after US Postal Service suspends Australian deliveries – The Sydney Morning Herald


Biden visits Congress to lobby for stalled infrastructure bill – BBC News


Belarus mass arrests as Lukashenko cracks down after shooting – BBC News


Live cameras capture arrival of peregrine falcon chicks on top of CBD building – The Age




1 October 2021

ICAC confirms it is investigating NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian relationship with former MP Daryl Maguire – ABC News


Improvement in budget deficit as COVID recovery provides economic boost in first half of 2021 – ABC News


Service NSW handed out $16 million in suspected fraudulent disaster grants, inquiry hears – ABC News


‘The system is buckling’: Elective surgery cut back as health workers warn of mounting strain – The Age


ATO review finds thousands of JobKeeper businesses weren’t eligible – The Sydney Morning Herald


Expect parcel delays to continue through to Christmas, industry boss warns, as delivery services overwhelmed – ABC News


When does daylight saving start? Here's what time the clocks go forward – ABC News


House prices surge more than 20pc over the past year, CoreLogic data shows – ABC News


Canada marks first national holiday for indigenous reconciliation - Reuters


Biden develops rival to China’s Belt and Road, starting in Latin America – The Sydney Morning Herald


Michael Pascoe: The scariest story this week, month, year – The New Daily


Tunisia has named its first ever female prime minister – SBS News


Inside Argos, the police task force that has rescued thousands of children from their abusers – ABC News


Daylight savings and your body clock; tips from a Deakin expert – Deakin Univeristy


Strength training can burn fat too, myth-busting study finds - UNSW


Our mobile phones are covered in bacteria and viruses… and we never wash them – Bond University


How did politicians and political parties get my mobile number? And how is that legal? - The Conversation


Psychics, mediums and astrologers know how to connect but it's not because they can predict your future – ABC News


Live cameras capture arrival of peregrine falcon chicks on top of CBD building – The Age




30 September 2021

SA ICAC refers two more MPs to the Director of Public Prosecutions over Country Members Accommodation Allowance scandal – ABC News


There are changes to the COVID-19 Disaster Payment – Services Australia


Lockdowns could still happen after 80 per cent vaccination, so who will pay for them? - The New Daily


Woolworths is launching its online marketplace Australia-wide, as the supermarket giant seeks to compete with Amazon – Business Insider Australia


‘Fears we will see people too late’: Cancer tests and biopsies plunge in lockdown – The Age


Many rooftop solar investors are feeling ripped off. Could battery subsidies solve the problem? - ABC News


China's foreign minister says AUKUS deal is a danger to regional stability – ABC News


Amid Taiwan tensions, China uses air show to spotlight advanced stealth drones, spacecraft – ABC News


Australian Catholic Church Plenary Council an opportunity for major reform – ABC News


Ageism, it’s on for young and old: research - CPSA


Singapore's foreign workers 'numb' as no end to COVID-19 pandemic confinement in sight – ABC News


New Zealand to end child removal policy disproportionately affecting Māori community – SBS News


US to declare 23 species, including ivory-billed woodpecker, extinct – ABC News


How to get an extra $2000 back in your tax refund - Money


Lose an hour, gain a life: How daylight saving could help us sleep – The New Daily




29 September 2021

ATAGI doctor was 'shocked' when Prime Minister Scott Morrison blamed them for COVID vaccine rollout delays – ABC News


Government insists people with disability won't be harmed by Australia's reopening – SBS News


Phone scams are 'exploding' and costing vulnerable Australians millions, new data shows – ABC News


Federal COVID-19 support payments to be wound back once vaccine targets are reached – SBS News


Veteran suicide crisis significantly worse than previously reported, new data reveals – ABC News


Israeli PM says Iran has crossed nuclear 'red lines'; Tehran calls it 'full of lies' - REuters


China has tools to avoid Evergrande crisis, says ADB head – Reuters


China set to clamp down on abortions for 'non-medical purposes' amid slowing population growth – ABC News


Indo-Pacific island nations vulnerable to China influence, report warns – SBS News


Remembering Babyn Yar and Ukraine's forgotten 'Holocaust by Bullets' – BBC News


Get beds ready now: Singapore’s reopening stumble a lesson for Australia – The Age


North Korea says it test-fired new hypersonic missile - Reuters


UK plans deeper defence ties with Japan in Pacific focus - Reuters


Afghanistan: What has the conflict cost the US and its allies? - BBC News


Environmentalists slam decision to allow Figtree Hill housing development in koala habitat – ABC News


Flying humpback calf plays off Hervey Bay as whale watching businesses enjoy holiday hit – ABC News


Earth-monitoring satellite, Landsat 9, blasts into orbit to monitor climate impacts – ABC News


Nine days after eruption, lava from La Palma volcano reaches ocean - Reuters


Take care with paracetamol when pregnant — but don’t let pain or fever go unchecked – The Conversation


How to set up your phone to avoid distraction while you drive – Your Life Choices


WA Bike Month grants to boost community events across the State – Government of Western Austrlaia




28 September 2021

Law experts blast national cabinet secrecy – SBS News


Information commissioner wasn’t consulted on national cabinet FOI exemptions – The Age


Losses reported to Scamwatch exceed $211 million, phone scams exploding - ACCC


Darren Chester worried about 'extreme right-wing' push within the Nationals as he takes break from party room – ABC News


Australian PM refuses to commit to phasing out fossil fuels - Reuters


COP26: Australia PM undecided on attending crucial climate summit – BBC News


Nationals warn they won’t be a pushover on net zero as partyroom debate delayed – The Sydney Morning Herald


Queensland on alert after aviation worker tests positive to COVID-19 – SBS News


Waanyi elders say new native title determination and ranger program is timely – ABC News


Fuel supply: UK suspends competition law to get petrol to forecourts – BBC News


China says it has warned away a British warship as it sailed through the Taiwan Strait – ABC News


Fears 27,000 heart checks missed in pandemic could lead to wave of heart disease: new data – Heart Foundation


The Common Kitchen Ingredient That Could Help if Your Child Swallows a Battery – Science Alert




27 September 2021

Masks, house visit limits could remain after 80 per cent double vaccinated – The Age


Ministers eye 90 per cent vaccination coverage to lift restrictions on unjabbed – The Sydney Morning Herald


NT Specialist Disability Accommodation project helps people with disabilities find accessible homes – ABC News


‘Perfect storm’: Why delays and price hikes are plaguing home builders – The New Daily


Michael Pascoe: The housing rocket ride set to splutter – The New Daily


Why can’t you borrow as much to invest in shares as property? - The Age


Retail investors lose in pandemic-induced sharemarket ‘gambling’ - The Sydney Morning Herald


Explainer: what exactly is the Quad and what’s on the agenda for their Washington summit? - The Conversation


Canada’s Catholic bishops sorry for abuses of Indigenous children – Al Jazeera


Two Canadians released by China after three years in detention, Justin Trudeau says – SBS News


Vanuatu to push international court for climate change action – Al Jazeera


Afghanistan: Taliban hang bodies as warning in city of Herat – BBC News


Iceland elects Europe's first female majority parliament – BBC News


Singapore reports 1,939 COVID-19 cases, highest since April last year - Reuters


Historic gathering with bland agenda unlikely to stem decay in the Catholic Church – The Age


What happens when you're hospitalised with COVID-19 in Australia – SBS News


Some 27,000 Australians missed heart checks during the COVID-19 pandemic – SBS News


Researchers identify genetic cause of endometriosis and reveal potential drug target – University of Oxford


Common factors within the gut associated with depression and bipolar disorder – Kings College London


There's a Reliable Method For Triggering Lucid Dreams, Scientists Have Found – Science Alert


The Evidence Is in – One Mask Type Stands Out as The Best Protection Against COVID-19 – Science alert


Something ugly happens when we turn murder into social media content – The Age




25 September 2021

Lessons for Australia as Singapore winds back freedoms at 80 per cent full coverage – The New Daily


How shrinkflation is duping you into paying more for less - Money


Barngarla people granted native title over Port Augusta after 25-year fight – ABC News


Hand-drawn child abuse images land jailed neo-Nazi additional two years – The Sydney Morning Herald


Alcohol, tobacco & other drugs in Australia – Australian Institute of Health and Welfare


Resistance to front-line malaria drugs confirmed in Africa - Nature


China bans cryptocurrency transactions – SBS News


Quad leaders unite to weaken Chinese dominance over rare-earth minerals – The Age


Scott Morrison meets with Quad leaders as Australia gets serious about tempering China's strength – ABC News


Evergrande misses payment deadline, EV unit warns of cash crunch - Reuters


Amid UK driver shortage, BP prioritising fuel deliveries to sites with big demand - Reuters


Canary Islands: Firefighters retreat as volcano intensifies – BBC News


High cost of veterinary care at major chains causing pets to be unnecessarily euthanised, senior vets say – ABC News


Therapy dogs soothe patients at overwhelmed Chilean hospitals – SBS News


3 Tips For Recycling Fall Leaves – Texas A&M Today


Best-Rated Supermarket Fruit & Veg – Canstar Blue


How Music Can Literally Heal the Heart – Scientific American


Here are our top picks for videos of the week – The New Daily



24 September 2021

Extraordinary' bill to reduce powers of SA's anti-corruption commissioner passes Parliament – ABC News


Australians want to name 10,000 biggest companies that got JobKeeper – The Sydney Morning Herald


States and territories revolt over federal government's coal power subsidy plan – ABC News


Richard Denniss: Australia’s carbon credits are a joke. Taxpayer money is being wasted on ‘hot air’ - The New Daily


Massive NT solar farm a step closer as Sun Cable dramatically increases its capacity – ABC News


Construction union leaders condemn ‘morons’ leading anti-vaccine protest as projected cost of work site shutdown hits $2 billion – Business Insider Australia


Calls for inquiry into Victoria's far right, with fears fringe groups 'are getting stronger' – ABC News


Decision on boosters by end of October as PM promises more vaccine aid – The Age


While some people get COVID-19 booster shots, 90pc of Africans are yet to receive their first dose – ABC News


How do the COVID vaccines change your risk of infection? And are you less likely to pass it on? - ABC News


Victoria avoids widespread infrastructure damage from earthquake as insurance claims trickle in – ABC News


Are collagen supplements beneficial for your skin, or should you take something else? - ABC News


Hospital Reports a Scary Effect of Severe COVID-19 Is Far More Common Than Thought – Science Alert


NASA, DARPA, MIT Scientists Met to Discuss “Anti-Gravity” Tech - Futurism


The sun’s shining and snakes are emerging, but they’re not out to get you. Here’s what they’re really up to – The Conversation


23 September 2021

Australia’s banks got $188 billion in cheap loans from the RBA. Now they’re funding share buybacks - The Conversation


Aftershocks could be felt for ‘months’ following Vic earthquake - The New Daily


'Disgrace to the nation': Veterans slam protesters at Melbourne's Shrine of Remembrance - SBS News


Human rights watchdog criticises Queensland government over COVID-19 border exemptions - ABC News


One in five psychologists close books to new patients under pandemic strain - The Sydney Morning Herald


Boeing plans to build Loyal Wingman drones at Wellcamp near Toowoomba, creating hundreds of jobs - ABC News


U.S., Russian military chiefs meet in Helsinki for six hours - Reuters


Having 'Good' Gut Bacteria Could Really Help if You're Trying to Lose Weight - Science Alert


Building horror stories prompt calls for tougher Australian laws to protect consumers - ABC News


Wing v beak: Drone deliveries disrupted by angry birds - The New Daily




22 September 2021

Rubber bullets fired, journalists attacked in angry Melbourne protest - The New Daily


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Bylong Community Wins Again as Coal Mine Appeal is Dismissed - Environmental Defenders Office


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Giant Space Rock Blast Wiped Out Ancient City With 1,000 Times Hiroshima's Ferocity - Science Alert



21 September 2021

The Morrison government has infuriated Adelaide and Paris alike, as it counts the financial and reputational costs of its new nuclear submarine deal - Business Insider Australia


Joe Biden asks for talks with Emmanuel Macron amid French submarine row - SBS News


Aukus: France pulls out of UK defence talks amid row - BBC News


Ukraine holds military drills with U.S. forces, NATO allies - Reuters


China’s bid to join Pacific trade pact a strategic opportunity for Canberra - East Asia Forum


Alexei Navalny allies blocked from running in election that delivers big win to ruling United Russia party that backs Vladimir Putin - ABC News


Evergrande starts repayment plan by offering investors properties - Global Times


Why you shouldn’t make a habit of doing a ‘just in case’ wee — and don’t tell your kids to either - The Conversation


World Heritage Area renamed K’gari after long campaign by Butchulla people - Queensland Government


Ancient sea ice core sheds light on modern climate change - University of Birmingham


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Tianzhou-3 cargo spacecraft docks with China space station module - Reuters