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10 April 2021

Staff missing out on COVID jab - Australian Ageing Agenda 9 April 2021.


Ageing is a privilege – but we’re encouraged to feel it’s a problem - The Age 9 April 2021.


Pedestrian dies in hospital after truck crash at Clearview - ABC News 9 April 2021.


WA Police investigate death of elderly woman at Regis aged care home in Nedlands - ABC News 9 April 2021.


How a Hobart kitchen is helping older migrants combat ageism - ABC News 10 April 2021.


Telehealth ban for voluntary assisted dying makes life, and death, difficult for the terminally ill in the country - ABC News 10 April 2021.


How to talk about death and dying - Flinders University 12 January 2021.


Elderly woman dies after flames engulf North Lakes home in Brisbane's north - ABC News 9 April 2021.


Study identifies strategies to engage migrant residents - Australian Ageing Agenda 9 April 2021.


China’s dilemma: Growing old before it becomes rich and powerful - The Age 10 April 2021.


Smarthomesforseniors [Report] - Intelligent Home Solutions for Independent Living, February 2021.




9 April 2021

Elderly Brisbane woman with dementia told to book COVID-19 vaccine online - ABC News 9 April 2021.


Wellbeing in Aged Care the Focus for Medical & Aged Care Group's Northern Gardens - Aged Care Online 8 April 2021.


Non-Government Funded Aged Care Options - Aged Care Online 30 April 2021.


50+ Report – Connections and Community - COTA NSW 8 April 2021.


Pandemic has lessons for government and health and aged care operators - Catholic Health Australia 8 April 2021.




8 April 2021

This nursing home resident was ready for a COVID-19 vaccination, but it never arrived - ABC News 8 April 2021.


Aged care vaccine rollout ‘far too slow’ - Australian Ageing Agenda 7 April 2021.


Physical restraints, weight loss increasing - Australian Ageing Agenda 7 April 2021.


October to be a month-long celebration of Queensland’s seniors - Queensland Government 7 April 2021.


China’s population seen growing older in economic danger sign - Al Jazeera 7 April 2021.


Popular culture can help remove the stigma of dementia - The Sydney Morning Herald 7 April 2021.


Benetas acquires new 90 bed aged care home in Melbourne’s South East - Benetas 7 April 2021.


Most elderly Marshallese in Arkansas now vaccinated - RNZ 7 April 2021.




7 April 2021

‘It’s like we don’t exist’: Aged care workers denied second Pfizer shot - The Age 7 April 2021.


The right to basic nursing home information - CPSA 7 April 2021.


April Falls 2021 - NSW Falls Prevention & Healthy Ageing Network 1 April 2021.


ASFA figures show many retirees die with no money in super - The New Daily 6 April 2021.


Debunking Myths - Exercise and Older Adults - Global Centre for Modern Ageing 4 February 2021.


Exercises to strengthen neck and back muscles - Your Life Choices 7 April 2021.


Global Centre for Modern Ageing website - Global Centre for Modern Ageing, April 2021.




6 April 2021

Rental stress for NT pensioners locked out of public housing because of asset limit change - ABC News 6 April 2021.


COVID-19 vaccine delivered to Townsville nursing home in 'error', Health Department admits - ABC News 6 April 2021.


What can you expect at your age? Ageism in health care project by the Older Women’s Network NSW (OWN NSW) and Health Consumers NSW (HCNSW) - Health Consumers NSW 6 April 2021.


Show about the elderly has more guilt than the usual social experiment - The Age 31 March 2021.


We asked two experts to watch The Father and Supernova. These new films show the fear and loss that come with dementia - The Conversation 6 April 2021.


Inside Ageing website - Inside Ageing, April 2021.




5 April 2021

‘It’s the cornerstone’: Boosting aged care workforce key to fixing the system - The Age 5 April 2021.


Paracetamol may be no better than a placebo in many cases - The Sydney Morning Herald 5 April 2021.


Could plaster be as good as surgery for treating wrist fracture for older people? - UNSW 18 March 2021.


Study into impact of bushfires, COVID-19 on older people seeks participants - University of Wollongong 18 April 2021.


Got the walking bug? This hiking guide is for you - The Sydney Morning Herald 4 April 2021.




4 April 2021

Green leafy vegetables essential for muscle strength - Edith Cowan University 25 March 2021.


What is a myGov account and how does it work? - Your Life Choices 2 April 2021.


Banks unite to help customers experiencing financial abuse - Australian Banking Association 4 April 2021.




2 April 2021

From 1 April 2021, some income support payments increase by $50 per fortnight - Services Australia 1 April 2021.


COVID-19 is especially harsh on elderly people, and researchers think they know why - ABC News 2 April 2021.


Aged care CCTV trial starts in South Australia after delays and tweaks - ABC News 2 April 2021.


Students set to benefit from aged care funding increase - NSW Government 29 March 2021.


Fisher Lane Pty Ltd t/as Fisher Lane Mobility — Karma Flexx Wheelchair [recalls] - ACCC 1 April 2021.


How gifting can impact your age pension - National Seniors Australia 1 April 2021.


Coordination of health care for patients aged 45 and over by Primary Health Networks - Australian Institute of Health and Welfare 1 April 2021.




1 April 2021

ACFA proposes keeping RADs - Australian Ageing Agenda 31 March 2021.


Residential Aged Care Quality Indicators–October to December 2020 - Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, March 2021.


Policy Alert: Final Report of Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety: Care, Dignity and Respect - COTA 30 March 2021.


Asia Pacific’s Silver Economy by 2025 - Ageing Asia 11 August 2020.


Home care wait list drops – but not enough - Community Care Review 30 March 2021.


How New Zealand’s healthcare system is failing people with osteoarthritis - The Conversation 31 March 2021.


When driving becomes dangerous, difficult conversations are a must - Alzheimer's Association [USA], March 2021.


Every aged care resident was meant to be vaccinated by this week but half of them are still waiting - The Age 1 April 2021.


Elder abuse. Know the signs [video] - Australian Human Rights Commission, 2020.


More retirees trying to avoid going into aged care, exclusive data from Australian Seniors reveals - ABC News 1 April 2021.


When should I consider help at home? - Aged Care Guide, March 2021.


Decade of healthy ageing baseline report [220 pages] - World Health Organisation 2020.


The Father pairs Oscar winners Anthony Hopkins and Olivia Colman in spiralling psychological drama about dementia - ABC News 1 April 2021.




31 March 2021

Aged Care Star Ratings System needs people power - CPSA 31 March 2021.


Elderly man was tortured with 'horrifying array of weaponry' after being lured through Grindr app, court told - ABC News 30 March 2021.


ACCC and CPSA go after funeral homes - CPSA 31 March 2021.


ACCC Funeral Services Survey - Australian Competition & Consumer Commission March 2021.




30 March 2021

Aged Care Quality Bulletin #27 – March 2021 - Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission 29 March 2021.


Moving to an aged care system by design - InSight+ 29 March 2021.


Aussies alarmingly complacent about exercise and heart health - Heart Foundation 29 March 2021.


Two Propel-owned funeral homes pay penalties for alleged misleading local ownership claims - ACCC 17 March 2021.


Sunrise Medical Pty Ltd — MyWay Walker Chassis [recall] - ACCC 28 March 2021.


Adopting daily rituals helps give life meaning, reduces loneliness - The New Daily 29 March 2021.


A long winter for retirees as record low interest rates hurt savers - ABC News 30 March 2021.


[NZ] Radius Care Elloughton Village told to apologise after failure of care to woman with dementia - RNZ 29 March 2021.


Inside Ageing Website - Inside Ageing 30 March 2021.


Trial to test new sleep apnoea treatments [in WA] - University of Western Australia 29 March 2021.



29 March 2021

Queensland Public Trustee denies making profit from clients, despite report criticising high fees and charges - ABC News 29 March 2021.


News Corp Australia to stop distributing newspapers to much of regional Queensland - ABC News 29 March 2021.


Elderly volunteer clocks up 7,000 hours to help disadvantaged youth learn to drive - ABC News 28 March 2021.


Asian shoppers, greyer citizens and climate: three megatrends shaping NSW - The Sydney Morning Herald 28 March 2021.




27 March 2021

Aged-care industry aims to attract workers with job security and personal satisfaction - ABC News 26 March 2021.


Loneliness Is a Public Health Problem: This Low-Tech Intervention Can Help - Scientific American 26 March 2021.


To keep a sharp mind, start thinking of heart health in your 20s - University of California 25 March 2021.




26 March 2021

Aged-care industry aims to attract workers with job security and personal satisfaction - ABC News 26 March 2021.


ICAC finds CEO engaged in corrupt conduct in former role - Australian Ageing Agenda 25 March 2021.


ACCC Funeral Services Survey - Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, March 2021.


New research challenges long-held theories of Alzheimer’s disease progression with impact for future treatment - Macquarie University 22 March 2021.


Study highlights missed care due to difficulties to prioritise - Australian Ageing Agenda, March 2021.


National Advance Care Planning Week - National Advance Care Planning Week website, March 2021.


Looking after an elderly parent? You need to know this - National Seniors Australia 25 March 2021.


Getting old is inevitable, but ageism isn’t - National Seniors Australia 25 March 2021.


How the recent COVID-19 changes announcement may affect you - Services Australia 24 March 2021.


Pension Bonus Scheme work test changes - Services Australia 22 March 2021.


There’s help if you need assistance to pay your aged care costs - Services Australia 17 March 2021.




25 March 2021

By Midlife, Some People Are Already on the Path to the Frailties of Old Age - Duke University 15 March 2021.


Tasmania becomes the third Australian state to legalise voluntary assisted dying - SBS News 24 March 2021.


Law expanding access to medical aid in dying divides Canadians - Al Jazeera 23 March 2021.


Elderly man dances for joy after receiving COVID-19 vaccine - SBS News 24 March 2021.


Bundaberg scone queen Dorothy Collishaw turns 100 - ABC News 24 March 2021.


[US] Deaths from COVID-19 have progressively declined at nursing homes, researchers find - Brown University 19 March 2021.


Causes and Risk Factors for Alzheimer's Disease - [US] Alzheimer's Association, March 2021.




24 March 2021

Older survivors of domestic violence more at risk of abuse - CPSA 24 March 2021.


Centrelink call centre: real people, please, not robots - CPSA 24 March 2021.


Tasmania passes voluntary assisted dying legislation, becoming third state to do so - ABC News 23 March 2021.


Waiting times for elective surgeries in Tasmania continuing to rise - ABC News 24 March 2021.


Four in five residents at risk of worst outcomes of COVID-19 - Australian Ageing Agenda 24 March 2021.




23 March 2021

[NZ] Oceania Healthcare plans $100 million expansion - RNZ 23March 2021.


ACIITC National Roundtable - Aged Care Industry Information Technology Council, March 2021.




22 March 2021

Volunteer register for new trials to prevent Alzheimer’s disease - University of Melbourne 19 March 2021.


Grandmothers unite to combat youth crime in NT town of Tennant Creek - ABC News 22 March 2021.


Free [NZ] care-for-seniors training course offering pathway to new career - RNZ 21 March 2021.


Hidden plight: One in six Kiwis affected by hearing loss - RNZ 21 March 2021.


Ask the Expert: How romantic relationships affect your pension payments - The New Daily 21 March 2021.


Lost for words - treating the aftermath of a stroke - Southern Cross University 15 March 2021.


Age no barrier for this Murdoch graduate - Murdoch University 17 March 2021.


World-first aged care monitoring and alert technology unveiled - RMIT University 19 March 2021.




21 March 2021

Missing man, Cleveland - Queensland Police News 20 March 2021.


Share your real-time location with others – or others with you [on Android] - Google Maps, June 2019.


Set up and use [Apple] Find My Friends - Apple, July 2019.


An 89-year-old sharpshooter takes aim at India’s patriarchy - The Sydney Morning Herald 20 March 2021.


Call for witnesses after elderly pedestrian dies in Geelong collision - The Age 20 March 2021.




20 March 2021

More than half of homes still operating a loss - Australian Ageing Agenda 19 March 2021.


There’s help if you need assistance to pay your aged care costs - Australian Government, Services Australia 17 March 2021.


Marvellous marrow: How exercise, even if it’s just walking, grows new bone and immune cells - The New Daily 19 March 2021.


Head Injury 25 Years Later – Penn Study Finds Increased Risk of Dementia - Philadelphia University Medicine 9 March 2021.


Residents grow produce for use in facility meals - Australian Ageing Agenda 19 March 2021.




19 March 2021

WHO report finds every second person holds ageist attitudes - ABC News 19 March 2021.


Global report on ageism - World Health Organization, March 2021.


A wider role for home meal services - Community Care Review 16 March 2021.


Baby boomers sought for a healthy ageing trial by UNSW researchers - Microbiome Research Centre 17 March 2021.


National Academies committee provides analysis, recommendations for dementia care and caregiving interventions - National Institute on Aging 23 February 2021.




18 March 2021

Bring your thing to a new career in aged care - Aged Care Workforce Industry Council, March 2021.


New Aged Care Act two years away, minister says - Australian Ageing Agenda 16 March 2021.


How wages matter when you’re retired - CPSA 17 March 2021.


Fixing Congregate Living for Older Adults - Stanford Centre on Longevity, March 2021.


Could plaster be as good as surgery for treating wrist fracture for older people? - UNSW Medicine 16 March 2021.


Quality in aged care - GEN Aged Care Data, AIHW March 2021.


Older people often incorrectly assume medicines don’t have potential side effects - UCLA 23 February 2021.


The Maggie Beer Foundation’s urgent fight for improved food and nutrition in Aged Care with National Congress Report findings - Maggie Beer Foundation 10 March 2021.


After years of discrimination, many LGBTQ people are 'terrified' of going into aged care - ABC News 18 March 2021.




17 March 2021

‘Diabolical state’: Aged care providers heading for loss of $12 per bed per day - The Age 17 March 2021.


Coronavirus vaccine available to all Australians aged 70 or over via GPs - ABC News 17 March 2021.


Canada recommends AstraZeneca-Oxford vaccine for seniors - Al Jazeera 16 March 2021.


Duke of Edinburgh gives thanks after leaving hospital - The New Daily 16 March 2021.


Engaging AI in the battle against Alzheimer’s - Harvard Gazette 4 March 2021.




16 March 2021

Women's over 80s running relay team set world record at ACT Masters Athletics Club in Canberra - ABC News 16 March 2021.


In 2020 our workforce and our caring system broke. They are the same thing - The Conversation 15 March 2021.


COVID Cases Plummet Among [US] Nursing Home Staffers Despite Vaccine Hesitancy - Scientific American 15 March 2021.


[NZ] Rest home to apologise over man's death after five-fold dose of morphine - RNZ 15 March 2021.


Almost half of dementia risk is modifiable, GPs told - InSight+ 15 March 2021.


Study offers an explanation for why the APOE4 gene enhances Alzheimer’s risk - Massachusetts Institute of Technology 3 March 2021.


Royal Commission Into Aged Care Highlights Need For Better Fall Prevention Strategies - NeuRA 3 March 2021.


Fixing aged care funding [audio] - ABC Radio National 27 February 2021.


Is an Australian's home their castle? The challenges of ageing in place - Australasian Journal on Ageing 10 March 2021.


How Services Australia revalues your market-based investments - Your Life Choices 15 March 2021.




15 March 2021

Neglect of aged care more proof of Morrison’s blokey blind spot - The Age 14 March 2021.


Reducing Medical Admissions and Presentations Into Hospital through Optimising Medicines (REMAIN HOME): a stepped wedge, cluster randomised controlled trial - Medical Journal of Australia 22 February 2021.


Ask the Expert: Can I pick up work if I run out of money during retirement? - The New Daily 14 March 2021.


New type of bone cell could reveal targets for osteoporosis treatment - UNSW 26 February 2021.


A graduate in his 60s, Keith says it’s never too late to start studying - University of Wollongong 8 March 2021.


Funding success in Dementia Australia Research Foundation Grants - UNSW 9 March 2021.


Almost 100 and still dancing - BBC News 14 March 2021.


Influenza vaccination in aged care: improving uptake - Medical Journal of Australia 15 March 2021.




14 March 2021

Aged-care reform is great but where will the money come from? - The Age 13 March 2021.


Australia's growing population of centenarians on adapting to change, secrets to a fulfilling life - ABC News 14 March 2021.




13 March 2021

Aged care reforms in realm of $20b a year - Australian Ageing Agenda 12 March 2021.


The biggest rip-offs in retirement and how to avoid them - Money 12 March 2021.


Reactivating Aging Stem Cells in the Brain - University of Zurich 24 February 2021.


Resources launched to assist transition to SIRS - Australian Ageing Agenda 12 March 2021.


Genomics study identifies routes of transmission of coronavirus in care homes - University of Cambridge 3 March 2021.


Where the Royal Commission wins and falls short when it comes to culturally-safe aged care - Charles Sturt University 9 March 2021.


A neuroscientist believes he has found how to make the ageing brain work better - The New Daily 12 March 2021.




12 March 2021

Universal pension for all seniors – too radical or the solution we need? - National Seniors Australia 11 March 2021.


Disability sector statement on the Australian Government’s planned reforms to the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) - Every Australian Counts 11 March 2021.


Stuart Robert says there are no plans to halt NDIS reforms, as more groups voice concern - SBS News 11 March 2021.


Providers told to shape up or ship out - Community Care Review 10 March 2021.


Hackers say they've gained access to surveillance cameras in Australian childcare centres, schools and aged care - ABC News 11 March 2021.


Pension increase back on track…? - National Seniors Australia 11 March 2021.


Gold Coast trial shaking off osteoporosis - Griffith University 16 February 2021.


New approach to treating thumb osteoarthritis - University of Sydney 9 February 2021.


Seven trends that will better integrate ageing Australians into their - Your Life Choices 11 March 2021.


Warnervale Seniors Hub Now Open - Aged Care Online 10 March 2021.


Signature Care Celebrates Opening of New Aged Care Residences in Queensland - Aged Care online 11 March 2021.


Bust through these common exercise barriers - Your Life Choices 11 March 2021.




11 March 2021

Review of Queensland Public Trustee's fees and charges finds shortfall in legal duties and community expectations - ABC News 10 March 2021.


March indexation means pension and JobSeeker go up - CPSA 10 March 2021.


Minister calls for united front to deliver reform - Australian Ageing Agenda 10 March 2021.


Aged Care Royal Commission finds the solutions but not the money - CPSA 10 March 2021.


‘Inefficient’ to fund aged care through superannuation: Retirement review chairman - The Age 11 March 2021.


Man, 70, charged after police find shallow grave of partner at property - ABC News 10 March 2021.


South Korean computer technician accused of stealing from elderly Canberra woman has charges against him dropped - ABC News 10 March 2021.


Nominations open for national HESTA Excellence Awards - HESA 8 March 2021.


A gamified exercise app helps older adults reduce risk for falls - University of Texas at Austin 3 March 2021.


Be Connected program works well for those already connected - CPSA 10 March 2021.


UnitingCare Snippets - Uniting Care, March 2021.


Pakistan kicks off COVID vaccination drive for senior citizens - Al Jazeera 10 March 2021.




10 March 2021

Age Pension increases: 20 March 2021 - Your Life choices 9 March 2021.


Pension couples separated by illness often have complex finances - The Age 6 March 2021.


Fear of flu resurgence drives call for under-70s to get early shot - The Age 9 March 2021.


We’re stuck with crappy aged care because Morrison won’t ask the young or the old to pay to fix it - The Age 9 March 2021.


Battered aged care stocks wobble on ‘disjointed’ reform plan - The Age 8 March 2021.





9 March 2021

Decorporatising aged care first step to return to respect - InSight+ 8 March 2021.


Pension couples separated by illness often have complex finances - The Age 6 March 2021.


Who needs a colonoscopy most? - Pursuit, University of Melbourne 2 March 2021.


Battered aged care stocks wobble on ‘disjointed’ reform plan - The Age 8 March 2021.


Australian Consortium for Aged Care [website] - Australian Consortium for Aged Care 9 March 2021.


Australian Consortium for Aged Care publications - Australian Consortium for Aged Care 9 March 2021.


New research consortium to help answer questions about aged care - Inside Ageing 2 March 2021.


[NZ] Metlifecare, Oceania Healthcare change leadership - RNZ 8 March 2021.




8 March 2021

Ask the Expert: How the Centrelink ‘Work Bonus’ helps you keep more of your pension - The New Daily 7 March 2021.


Indigenous Australians aged over 55 among those in next phase of Australia's vaccine rollout - SBS News 7 March 2021.


Fashion designer Julie Appo, 71, achieves lifelong dream of opening boutique clothing store - ABC News 7 March 2021.


Severe shortage of doctors for Australia’s terminally ill patients, ACU study - SACU 24 February 2021.


Drug target could fight Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease - University of Queensland 4 March 2021.


First World Report on Hearing calls for action on a hidden public health burden - Macquarie University 3 March 2021.




7 March 2021

Ageing disgracefully: Japan puts our nursing homes to shame - The Age 6 March 2021.


At both end of life, are we replacing care with cash? - The Age 7 March 2021.


Hairdressers across the country to be trained in recognising domestic violence and elder abuse - ABC News 6 March 2021.




6 March 2021

Does the government have what it takes to fix aged care? - The Sydney Morning Herald 6 March 2021.


Elderly Varsity Lakes man accused of murdering his wife has 'serious health issues', lawyer says - ABC News 5 March 2021.


Leaving allied health out of staff ratios a “serious failing” - Australian Ageing agenda 5 March 2021.


NY officials altered count of COVID nursing home deaths: Reports - Al Jazeera 5 March 2021.


Don’t want to retire? Here’s how to maintain a fulfilling career into your 80s and beyond - The Washington Post 2 March 2021.




5 March 2021

Tasmania's House of Assembly passes Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill - ABC News 4 March 2021.


50% of Australians are prepared to pay more tax to improve aged care workers’ pay, survey shows - The Conversation 5 March 2021.


To downsize or renovate? We look at the pros and cons - National Seniors Australia 3 March 2021.


Prince Philip has successful heart procedure, palace says - BBC News 4 March 2021.


The Final Report – webnar registralion - CPSA 3 March 2021.




4 March 2021

Treasurer plays down prospect of aged care levy - The Age 3 March 2021.


Aged care facilities left waiting for vaccines amid confusion over rollout - The Sydney Morning Herald 3 March 2021.


The Government subsidy that pays employers to sack older workers - CPSA 3 March 2021.


Top reasons why Age Pension claims are rejected - Services Australia 22 February 2021.


We need to spend more on aged care and we need to spend it smarter - The Age 2 March 2021.


Get ready for your COVID-19 vaccinations - Services Australia 18 February 2021.


New group launches to improve aged care quality - Australian Ageing Agenda 3 March 2021.


Reminder about changes to Centrelink and aged care nominee arrangements - Services Australia 19 2021.


Abdominal Fat Gain Tied to Heart Disease Risk in Menopause - University of Pittsburgh 3 March 2021.


Aged-care reform not about the journey but the destination - The Age 2 March 2021.


New 'people-powered' movement unveiled - Aged Care Guide 1 March 2021.




3 March 2021

Do I need to register for a COVID vaccine? How will I know when it’s my turn? Vaccine rollout questions answered - The Conversation 3 March 2021.


Prioritizing oldest for COVID-19 vaccines saves more lives, years of life - UC Berkeley 25 February 2021.


Morrison government mulls aged-care levy to bridge funding shortfall - The New Daily 2 March 2021.


Costs, conflicted opinions and ageism could prevent aged care reform after damning royal commission report - SBS News 3 March 2021.


‘Have to pay somehow’: Experts say wage levy for aged care won’t be enough - The Age 2 March 2021.


I've got four reasons to be positive about the aged care royal commission - ABC News 3 March 2021.


Stopping aged care neglect can’t wait until the May Budget - CPSA 3 March 2021.


Boomers have driven Australia's financial comfort to record levels, with single parents and casual workers faring the worst in the pandemic economy - Business Insider Australia 1 March 2021.


Aged care needs radical overhaul - Consumer Health Forum of Australia 2 March 2021.




2 March 2021

Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety final report released by federal government - ABC News 1 March 2021.


The royal commission has given the government a roadmap to redemption in aged care - The New Daily 2 March 2021.


What the split between royal commissioners means for the future of aged care - ABC News 1 March 2021.


Funding model still in limbo in Royal Commission’s final report - Inside Ageing 1 March 2021.


Australia’s aged care system set for $452 million boost following release of royal commission report - SBS News 1 March 2021.


What a Medicare-style levy would look like for aged care - The Sydney Morning Herald 2 March 2021.


Time for Australians to reimagine aged care - The Age 1 March 2021.


Aged care report marks the start of big change - The Age 1 March 2021.


Only one thing will end the squalor of aged care - The Sydney Morning Herald 2 March 2021.




1 March 2021

Aged care is one of the big feminist issues of our time - The Sydney Morning Herald 1 March 2021.


What will the aged care royal commission recommend? We think we know, and how the government will respond - ABC News 1 March 2021.




28 February 2021

24 years, 18 inquiries: can we face the truth of aged care? - The Sydney Morning Herald 26 February 2021.


Aged care workers need the respect, and the pay, they deserve if the system is to be fixed - The New Daily 27 February 2021.


The Treasurer confirms secret plan to cut super and force retirees to sell their family home - Industry Super 26 February 2021.


Scientists Sniff Out How Amyloid β Contributes to Loss of Smell in Alzheimer’s Disease - Asia Research News 25 February 2021.




26 February 2021

Royal Commissioners present Final Report to Governor-General - Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety 26 February 2021.


Tasmania's Glenara Lakes aged care centre manager stood down over allegations of 'staff harassment' - ABC News 26 February 2021.


New tool for assisting people with a disability choose the support they need - Monash University 19 February 2021.


Information for people with disability about COVID-19 vaccines - Australian Government Department of Health, February 2021.


Aged care development to capitalise on ageing population on east coast of Tasmania - ABC News 26 February 2021.


Brisbane sprinter Julie Brims smashes ageist stereotypes with sprinting records - ABC News 25 February 2021.


The 91-year-old policeman still patrolling the streets - BBC News 25 February 2021.


Good sleep is just what doctor ordered - University of Washington 24 February 2021.


Effective treatment for insomnia delivered in a few short phone calls - University of Washington 22 February 2021.


Choosing an Aged Care Home (Nursing Home) - Aged Care Online 15 February 2021.


Latest news for veterans - Department of Veterans' Affairs, February 2021.




25 February 2021

Burnt, stepped on, and left in bed to rot - ABC News 25 February 2021.


Queensland's Public Trustee accused of profiting off people who lack capacity to manage own affairs - ABC News 24 February 2021.


What systems does Australia have in place to make sure you get the right coronavirus vaccine dose? - ABC News 24 February 2021.


Concerns deepen over vaccine rollout in Australia's aged care homes - 9News 25 February 2021.


Elderly patients show no adverse reactions after being given excessive dose of COVID-19 Pfizer vaccine - ABC News 25 February 2021.


‘My gut dropped’: Job seekers confused and angry about being left in poverty - The New Daily 25 February 2021.


Pharmacists in general practices drop hospital re-admissions - InSight 24 February 2021.




24 February 2021

$3.57 daily Jobseeker raise slap in face of unemployed, young and old - CPSA 24 February 2021.


Royal commission proves we need a new Aged Care Act - The Age 23 February 2021.


Aged Care Royal Commission: now for the real reform! - CPSA 24 February 2021.


Stakeholders told to “keep the pressure on” - Australian Ageing Agenda 23 February 2021.


Nurses’ union: Five recommendations the government must follow from the royal commission - Inside Ageing 23 February 2021.


Queensland Premier furious after vaccine overdose bungle - The New Daily 24 February 2021.


Mandatory building standards would ensure senior housing needs are met - Australian Ageing Agenda 24 February 2021.


New video shares vision for world’s first bush-inspired dementia village- - Inside Ageing 22 February 2021.




23 February 2021

Aged Care Quality Bulletin #25, January 2021 - Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission 23 February 2021.


Alleged sexual abuse of aged care home resident not reported to police for five years - ABC News 23 February 2021.


Help tell your community’s story – join our[ABS] remote area team - Australian Bureau of Statistics 22 February 2021.


Boosting our sense of meaning in life is an often overlooked longevity ingredient - The Washington Post 3 January 2021.


Is it okay to take out-of-date medication? - Your Life Choices 22 February 2021.


Women of the revolution - ABC News 23 February 2021.


Aging Could Be the Next Booming Business - Barron's 16 December 2020.




22 February 2021

Labor launches new campaign highlighting aged care horror stories - The Age 21 February 2021.


Jane Malysiak becomes Australia's first recipient of the coronavirus vaccination - ABC News 21 February 2021.


Gene therapy techniques restore vision damage from age and glaucoma in mice - National Institute on Aging 21 January 2021.


Senior Australians want to buy ‘green bonds’ to help address climate - The Sydney Morning Herald 20 February 2021.


New COVID info line for CALD seniors - Australian Ageing Agenda 19 February 2021.


Cognitive impairment among factors linked to elevated death rates in nursing home residents with COVID-19 - National Institute on Aging 18 February 2021.


How to … sharpen your memory at any age - Your Life Choices 21 February 2021.


The Healthy Gut Microbiome You Have Right Now May Not Be The One You Need in Old Age - Science Alert 21 February 2021.


Employment may slow memory decline for women - National Institute on Aging 28 January 2021.




20 February 2021

SIRS legislation passes, but guidance unavailable - Australian Ageing Agenda 19 February 2021.


‘It’s a facility not a home’: What will it take to reform aged care? - The Age 20 February 2021.


Blind, deaf, 88yo grandfather launches music career on YouTube to beat isolation blues - ABC News 20 February 2021.


Peaks challenge Counsel Assisting’s staffing standard - Australian Ageing Agenda 19 February 2021.


Scientists Find Promising Avenue to Restore Cognitive Function Impaired by Alzheimer’s Disease - NYU 2 February 2021.


Unlocking the mystery behind skeletal aging - UCLA 10 February 2021.


Hold my hand: English care home visits allowed from March 8 - Reuters 8 February 2021.




19 February 2021

As Facebook ups the ante on news, regional and elderly Australians will be hardest hit - The Conversion 18 February 2021.


Frail people with COVID-19 are three times more likely to die, study finds - King's College London 5 February 2021.


COVID vaccine consent for aged-care residents: it’s ethically tricky, but there are ways to get it right - The Conversation 19 February 2021.


Nursing Home Workers Had One of the Deadliest Jobs of 2020 - Scientific American 18 February 2021.


How Chinese courtyard housing can help older Australian women avoid homelessness - The Conversation 19 February 2021.


The Role of Dentistry in Global Health: Challenges and Research Priorities - King's College London 8 February 2021.


Will the pension increase in March? - National Seniors Australia17 February 2021.


When driving becomes dangerous, difficult conversations are a must - US Alzheimer's Association, February 2021.




18 February 2021

Peaks warn about RC home care targets - Community Care Review 16 February 2021.


Will aged care workers get the Pfizer jab? When will I get the coronavirus vaccine? - ABC News 18 February 2021.


Reverse mortgage uptake in Australia defies global trend - Your Life Choices 18 February 2021.


Study: New Prostate Cancer Test Could Avoid Unnecessary Biopsies - University of Michigan 11 February 2021.


Resistance training benefits both men and women in older age - Your Life Choices 18 February 2021.


Prince Philip, 99, admitted to hospital as a 'precautionary measure' - ABC News 18 February 2021.


Unsupportable burden: NSW property tax - CPSA 17 February 2021.


Diet may influence risk of aggressive prostate cancer - The Harvard Gazette 15 January 2021.


Brain donation helps researchers continue the fight against Alzheimer’s - US Alzheimer's Association, February 2021.


Episode 22: A lived experience of dementia and changed behaviours - NPS Medicinewise 2 February 2021.



17 February 2021

Lithgow Aged Care Ltd not re-accredited - Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission 15 February 2021.


Sanctions imposed on Regis Nedlands, WA - Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission 25 January 2021.


Australia’s aged-care crisis: Majority of older people’s care needs go unmet - The New Daily 17 February 2021.


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