Chemical restraint has no place in aged care, but poorly designed reforms can easily go wrong

Last month the aged care minister Ken Wyatt announced he would introduce regulations to address the use of “chemical restraint” in residential aged care – a practice where residents are given psychotropic drugs which affect their mental state in order to “control” their behaviour.

Age friendly neighbourhoods - impact on individual wellbeing

European cities are prioritising the need for urban design that promotes independence, provides a sense of safety and enables people of all ages to participate more actively in society.

Hip fractures may be an early sign of Alzheimer’s Disease for older people

In a study of older people with no clinical diagnosis or signs of dementia when hospitalised to repair hip fractures found biomarkers of Alzheimer’s disease in most of the patients’ spinal fluid samples.

Supporting driver retirement for people with dementia

Researchers are calling for Australia’s system of managing driver retirement for people with dementia to be overhauled.

Joint replacement to cost $5 billion by 2030

Knee and hip replacements for osteoarthritis are expected to rise by up to 276 per cent by 2030, costing Australia’s health care system over $5 billion, according to new research at Monash University.

Risks of shoulder replacement surgery higher than previously thought

The risks associated with shoulder replacement surgery for arthritic conditions are higher than previously estimated, particularly for people under 60 and over 85 years old.

People living with dementia lose their ability to daydream

Research by neuroscientists at the University of Sydney has shown that people living with frontotemporal dementia – a form of younger-onset dementia – lose the ability to daydream.

The new exercise trend that is made for everyone

From washing the car to climbing stairs or carrying groceries, each of these activities is an opportunity for short sharp bursts of 'High Intensity Incidental Physical Activity', HIIPA for short.

End-of-life care should focus on quality of life

A UNSW Sydney study calls for a reorganisation of health care priorities that focus on quality of life rather than prolonging the life of older people with terminal illnesses.

Prostate cancer robotic surgery superiority – limited evidence

Robotic surgery for prostate cancer – an increasingly popular treatment option – is not proven as more effective, yet many patients believe that it is, a new UNSW and Ingham Institute study shows.

House of Representatives Petitions to be opened for debate

Petitions to the House of Representatives with over 20,000 signatures would be debated by the House under recommendations made by the House Petitions Committee.

When granny flats go wrong – perils for parents highlight need for law reform

A “granny flat agreement” is an informal arrangement between a parent and their adult child or children.

Morning exercise improves brain health in older, overweight adults

A morning bout of exercise reduces the detrimental impact on the pattern of brain blood flow of prolonged sitting in older adults who are overweight or obese.

Greater recognition for veterans and their families

New legislation introduced into Federal Parliament will provide better recognition of the unique nature of military service and acknowledge the service and sacrifice of veterans and their families.

Easy exercise for seniors guide

Home Instead Senior Care in-home care for older Australians has created ‘Exercise for Seniors: A guide to help seniors move, mobilise and maintain fitness’ with Fitness Expert, Michelle Bridges.

National Aged Care Advocacy Framework released

The new national framework issued today will ensure that aged care recipients receive assistance from the Australian Government-funded advocates acting on their behalf.

Royal Commission into abuse of people with disability needed

The Australian Federation of Disability Organisations (AFDO) commends the Senate for approving the motion to establish a Royal Commission into abuse of disabled persons.

Older women three times as likely to be treated for osteoporosis as men

Older women in the US are three times as likely to be treated for osteoporosis as men of the same age, reveals research published online in the Journal of Investigative Medicine.

HCF partners with HealthShare target out-of-pocket costs

A initiative launched by not-for-profit health fund HCF will give members information about the out-of-pocket expenses charged by individual specialists.

Aged Care Diversity Framework action plans launched

The action plans were launched at Parliament House on 14 February 2019 by The Hon. Ken Wyatt, Minister for Senior Australians and Aged Care.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander aged care providers funding

Applications for the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Flexible Aged Care (NATSIFAC) Program 2018–2019 bi-annual one-off grants opened 15 February 2019.