Study ties poor sleep to reduced memory performance in older adults

A new study has found that variability in night-to-night sleep time and reduced sleep quality adversely affect the ability of older adults to recall information about past events.

Physically demanding jobs linked to poor health in delayed retirement

Men and women who have physically demanding jobs may experience poorer mental and physical health if they delay their retirement, new research led by Curtin University has found.

Royal Commission Brisbane Hearing

The Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety will hold a public hearing in Brisbane from Monday 5 August 2019 to Friday 9 August 2019. The hearing will inquire into aspects of the regulation of aged care.

Sleep on it - memory and problem solving

Your memory not what it used to be? Australians are quick to blame their forgetfulness on ageing when the real reason is closer to home, sleep experts warn.

Creating a global roadmap for healthy longevity

CEPAR researchers have been appointed as members of the US National Academy of Medicine’s (NAM) International Commission on Creating a Global Roadmap for Healthy Longevity.

Walking Football targets one million active hours for seniors

The Federal Government will use a new Walking Football initiative to provide an additional one million active hours over the next two years for senior Australians.

CHOICE exposes hidden funeral costs

Funeral industry practices that hide prices take advantage of grieving families.

Legal protections for mature workers

The ARC Centre of Excellence in Population Ageing Research (CEPAR) released a new fact sheet on legal protections for mature workers in Australia.

'Time travel' as dementia care is spreading, but the future may be more powerful than the past

The village of Hogeweyk in The Netherlands has been compared with the Truman Show. It is home to 152 people with dementia and is run by carers who maintain a round-the-clock false reality for the residents.

Landmark study to assess long-term health risks of aspirin use in elderly

Researchers are expanding on the landmark aspirin trial, ASPREE, with a five-year follow up study to investigate the long-term effects of low dose aspirin on the health of older people.

Online resource to help sufferers ease back pain

A comprehensive free tool to help people manage back pain has been developed by a team of international health experts led by University of Queensland researchers.

Older driver safety compromised by seat cushions and pillows

New research has found that common accessories typically used by older Australians to improve comfort in cars may increase the chance of injury during a crash.

An uplifting bike ride for Sydney seniors

Local aged care residents will reconnect with the joy of riding, thanks to a program helping them explore Sydney by bike.

Support of aged care workforce ahead of Day of Recognition

Australia’s aged care sector has come together to recognise the hundreds of thousands of people who work in aged care for the positive contribution they make to the lives of older Australians and the wider community.

A solution to quality dementia care

Dementia Australia has delivered a Communique, Our Solution: Quality care for people living with dementia, to the Minister for Aged Care and Senior Australians, Senator the Hon Richard Colbeck.

Time to raise the white flag and raise the Newstart rate

The Coalition Government should concede defeat in the face of sustained community pressure to raise the rate of the Newstart allowance.

Free exercise trials address osteoporotic fractures in ageing population

Osteoporosis is a major healthcare problem leading to a high incidence of fragility fractures in the ageing population.

Carers of older Australians: Background Paper 6

Family and friends who provide informal and unpaid care to older Australians are critical to the sustainability of the aged care system and the reliance on informal carers is set to increase.

Mildura Royan Commission Hearing – Carers for older Australians

The Royal Commission into Aged Care and Quality will hold a public hearing in Mildura from Monday 29 July 2019 to Wednesday 31 July 2019.

Researchers to better understand the needs of mobility scooter users

Research on the integration of motorised mobility devices (MMDs) – such as mobility scooters and electronic wheelchairs – into society is urgently required.

Imaging tech advances chronic wound care

Researchers are working with not-for-profit health and aged care provider Bolton Clarke on a clinical trial of imaging technology to improve chronic wound care.