Developed economies face decades of reduced consumption due to population ageing

Population ageing will entail a demographic transition in the medium and long term that will affect the global economy.

End-of-life conversations can contribute to a better death

End-of-life conversations can improve quality of life and provide people dealing with an advanced illness with a much-needed sense of control.

The rise of DIY wills and why you shouldn’t go there

Without a legal background, understanding the intricacies of wills and estates can be both daunting and challenging.

Public hospital admissions growing faster than private

Hospital admissions have risen faster than population growth, and last financial year saw a rise in influenza related hospitalisations, according to a new report from the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW).

Valued volunteers stay longer

People are more likely to volunteer for a longer period of time if they are told they are making a difference and they feel valued, a new report led by Curtin University has found.

Palliative care-related hospitalisations growing

Palliative care-related hospitalisations has been rising at a faster rate than other hospitalisations, according to a report released by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW).

Latest in-home technology hub for assisted independent living

Tunstall Healthcare joined industry leaders to launch the Assistive Housing Hub Smart Display Home in Preston, in Victoria last Wednesday 15 May 2019.

Volunteers helping Australians plan their future health care

Advance Care Planning Australia (ACPA) has welcomed National Volunteer Week’s 2019 theme, Making a World of Difference, acknowledging the wide impact of their small volunteer team of 12.

Study shows older men feel ‘excluded, overlooked and cut-off’

With increasing numbers of older men experiencing loneliness, a new report calls for a better understanding of how to tackle the growing public health challenge.

So you're thinking of going into a nursing home? Here's what you'll have to pay for

This week at the aged care royal commission hearings, the CEOs of three aged care providers called for a change in the way residential aged care is funded to improve the quality of care.

Adopting a healthy lifestyle helps reduce the risk of dementia

New WHO Guidelines recommend specific interventions for reducing the risk of cognitive decline and dementia.

Does exercise hold the key to preventing dementia?

A research study is to assess if exercise can improve overall cognitive performance. Exercise may be great for the mind and body, but can it prevent dementia?

Morning exercise keeps the brain sharp all day

Older Australians who sneak exercise into the day with a regular morning workout significantly improve decision-making for the next eight hours of the day.

There's almost always a better way to care for nursing home residents than restraining them

As Australia’s aged care royal commission hears testimony about the treatment of people with dementia in residential aged care, the use of restraints is front and centre.

Creative arts therapies help people with dementia socialise and express grief

People with dementia can flourish and show creativity in ways they, their caregivers and loved ones never thought possible.

Aged care, work and family policy action needed

Experts are calling for better working conditions in aged care, disability and child care sectors.

Knee replacement recovery breakthrough

A $29 set of stationary exercise pedals is set to revolutionise the way patients recover from total knee replacements.

VIC Carers get greater access to services and support

Victorian carers looking after a friend or loved one will benefit from a State Government funding increase.

Mobility scooter-related injuries and deaths

The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare has released a report on instances of mobility scooter injuries and deaths.

Rural housing report uncovers needs of ageing population

A new report from leading community housing provider Horizon Housing is shining a light on lack of provision of appropriate housing in rural areas, deeming it largely unable to meet the needs of our ageing population.

Seniors need greater Motor Neurone Disease support

People with motor neurone disease (MND) who are older face long waiting lists for disability care that meets their needs, and in some cases, are dying before they receive help.