HCF Research Foundation funds health services research

The HCF Research Foundation has today announced seven recipients of over $1 million in research grants, with funded projects aiming to improve the delivery of health services in Australia.

Advance Care Planning Week

This week Australians will start conversations they might otherwise prefer to avoid – getting older and planning for a time when they are unable to make their own medical decisions.

Honouring Victoria’s inspiring seniors

Victorians are being encouraged to recognise the contributions made to the community by seniors and organisations by nominating people for the Victorian Senior of the Year Awards.

Blood cells the missing link in post-exercise brain boost

A discovery about how exercise improves brain function could be harnessed for research into ageing, and boosting learning and memory.

World first 3D printed feet for diabetics

It’s gory, sticky and undoubtedly on the nose, but a blend of icing sugar, chicken stock and flexible resin is proving to be the just the right recipe for creating realistic diabetic foot ulcers.

One-off energy payment promise

Federal Minister for Social Services Paul Fletcher has announced, shortly before the 2019 Federal Election, a one-off “Energy Assistance Payment” to some social security payment recipients.

Older people with depression could benefit from non-drug treatments

Depression is common in older age and with an ageing population how late-life depression is managed will become increasingly important.

Alcohol consumption and related injuries are increasing among the elderly

The number of alcohol-related injuries among the elderly is increasing, since sensitivity to alcohol and the risk of injuries and diseases rise with age.

Restraint regulations in aged care homes tightened

The Federal Government has moved to strengthen the regulations that apply to the use of physical and chemical restraints in aged care homes.

Simplifying forms for aged care services

The Federal Government has reduced the amount of red tape older Australians face when applying for assistance with the costs of aged care services.

Health care needs Registered Nurses, not replacements

Australia’s health system is becoming increasingly reliant on unregistered carers with limited training and this is negatively impacting on levels of care in all settings and patient outcomes.

Strengthening protections for older Australians report

The Federal Government has released a new report detailing options for a Serious Incident Response Scheme for aged care, including findings that a broader range of incidents should be reported.

Skilling South Australia aged care workers

South Australians will be able to fast-track their careers in aged care through a new traineeship being offered by the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Education Centre (ANMEC).

Music therapy improving lives as people living with dementia tune in

Research funded by the Federal Government highlights the potential of musical reminiscence therapy in reducing negative symptoms and improving the lives of older Australians living with dementia.

Federal Budget is a chance to better support older Australians

Leading Age Services Australia (LASA), says next week’s Federal Budget is an opportunity to better meet the changing needs of older Australians.

Supporting men’s health with Men’s Sheds

The Victorian Government is building or upgrading men’s sheds for communities across Victoria.

Aged Care Sector Committee appointments

The Minister for Senior Australians and Aged Care, Ken Wyatt, has appointed three new members to the Aged Care Sector Committee.

Older people are more digitally savvy, but aged care providers need to keep up

Older adults are more digitally connected than ever, even though their uptake of internet-based technologies remains lower than for younger age groups.

Delaying the onset of age related cataracts

Researchers from China and the University of South Australia have published the first study of its kind to verify the link between foods high in antioxidants and a lower risk of age-related cataracts (ARC).

Health insurance tops household worries for first time

A national survey from consumer advocate CHOICE shows that 82% of Australian households are concerned by health insurance costs.

Better health care can ‘make economic sense’

A major new South Australian research group focusing on improving aged, disability and public health care models is commencing at Flinders University this year.