Disturbing gap between the Disability Support Pension and cost of living

A report on the need to improve income support for people with disability compares the additional financial hardship and insecurity of households with people with disability and those without.

Eye scan sheds new light on Alzheimer’s disease

New research by Australian scientists has demonstrated that a quick, non-invasive eye scan can identify changes in the retina that could be used to diagnose Alzheimer’s disease.

Trust in the aged care industry has not improved from 2018

Insights agency, Faster Horses, has released its annual national research report into the aged care industry.

Wellbeing Index finds Australians are happiest in retirement

Retirees have a much higher sense of wellbeing compared to the general population, according to an annual survey that provides a barometer of Australians' satisfaction with their lives.

The challenges of an ageing population

It’s not as though it should come as any kind of surprise. One of the results of successful public health interventions is increased life expectancy resulting in an older society.

Bupa's nursing home scandal is more evidence of a deep crisis in Government regulation

British health-care conglomerate Bupa runs more nursing homes in Australia than anyone else. We now know its record in meeting basic standards of care is also worse than any other provider.

Blood management in older adults questioned

USC-led research exploring blood management in older patients with anaemia and blood loss has raised questions around the current recommended medical care approach.

Royal Commission charter extended six months

The Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety, has had its term extended by six months following the signing of letters patent by David Hurley AC DSC (retd), Governor-General of the Commonwealth of Australia on 13 September 2019.

Avoiding hospital admissions for older people

Preventing stressful, and often unnecessary, hospital admissions for older Australians living in residential aged care facilities is the aim of a new $1.9 million program funded by the Australian Government’s Medical Research Future Fund.

Frailty map highlights service need

An online interactive map, which shows for the first time where Australia’s frail and pre-frail people live today and in the future, will help plan services for healthy ageing.

Financial pressures on aged care providers

Leading Age Services Australia (LASA) has surveyed its Members and found four out of five aged care providers believe current financial pressures constrain their ability to deliver the care their clients and residents need and expect.

Antipsychotic meds over used in aged care

New research by the Australian Institute of Health Innovation at Macquarie University, shows that many people with dementia living in residential aged care facilities are being treated with antipsychotic medication for an average of twice as long as the recommended maximum time, increasing the risk of stroke.

Wound management project to help the aged

Flinders University will support a new $5.25 million research project with industry leader Wound Innovations and global partner Paul Hartmann Pty Ltd.

WA Seniors Awards nominations 2019 open

Seniors and Ageing Minister Mick Murray has called for nominations for the 2019 WA Seniors Awards.

Helping employers to benefit from a growing mature workforce

New research has identified how organisations can overcome the so-called ‘challenge’ of Australia’s ageing workforce in order to reap the benefits of an age diverse workforce.

Sexually transmissible infections check is the healthy thing to do

People of all ages are being urged to get tested for sexually transmissible infections (STIs), with new figures showing that last year saw highest number of STI notifications since records began.

Commonwealth Home Support Programme extra funding

The Federal Government is providing $150 million over 3 years to enable more senior Australians to access entry-level home support.

Royal Commission, Melbourne - Younger people in residential aged care

The Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety will hold a public hearing in Melbourne in the week beginning Monday 9 September 2019. The hearing will inquire into younger people in residential aged care.

Age isn’t an issue – you can retrain the brain

Multi-tasking has traditionally been considered the domain of the young and frantic. But a new, large-scale study by researchers from Australia and California has shown that older people can keep pace with those in their twenties – it’s simply a matter of practice.

Social factors for optimal memory

Being an older male who utilises the services provided by community aged care is more likely to result in healthy brain function for longer.

Weight training to treat a common form of cardiovascular disease

Weight training should be a recommended alternative treatment approach for peripheral artery disease, a form of cardiovascular disease that affects many elderly Australians.