For better heart health, step to it, pair of studies say

If you’re sitting down, the findings of two major new studies led by University at Buffalo researchers are likely to get you moving.

The deadly side effects of a QLD summer

Danger Sun Overhead is calling on all Queenslanders this summer to play it safe in the sun but particularly employers and employees involved in outdoor work.

Why single, older women without children face economic insecurity

"I feel as I don’t have family responsibilities, more is expected of me": participant.

Playing it cool: how the body copes during heatwaves

What's the best way to keep cool in extreme temperatures?

Serious Incident Response Scheme establishment

The Australian Government has introduced legislation into the Parliament to support the establishment of the Serious Incident Response Scheme (SIRS) for residential aged care.

Government's response to Aged Care Commission's COVID recommendations

The Australian Government will allocate a further $132.2 million in its response to the Aged Care Royal Commission’s recommendations on COVID-19.

Blueprint for better aged care

Australia needs a new aged care system. Spending an extra $7 billion a year could provide all older Australians with the care and support they need, according to a new Grattan Institute report.

Guardianship reforms safeguarding vulnerable Queenslanders

Substantial reforms to strengthen Queensland’s guardianship system have taken effect today, giving greater protection to the more vulnerable in our community such as the elderly and those with impaired capacity.

New global recommendations for physical activity revealed

Physical inactivity contributes to four to five million deaths worldwide each year.

Winners announced for national HESTA Excellence Awards

Winners of the inaugural HESTA Excellence Awards were last night revealed, with eight organisations and teams recognised across disability services, allied health, aged care and community services in a virtual celebration of excellence.

Call for rethink of how Australians finance their retirement

RMIT economists are calling for a rethink in retirement financing in a new first of its kind report which reveals that more older Australians are using reverse mortgages to pay off debt.

Sexuality and intimacy research in residential age care facilities

A Massey University New Zealand researcher has published a report on a three-year nationwide research project into intimacy and sexuality in residential aged care facilities.

125 organisations oppose Government’s plan to axe safe lending laws

Axing safe lending laws will be bad for people, bad for the economy and directly contradict the first recommendation of the banking royal commission, say leading voices across Australia

Greater care needed for ageing Forgotten Australians

Safer and more inclusive aged care for the more than 500,000 ageing Forgotten Australians – people who were placed in institutional or out-of-home care as children – is the focus of a new Flinders University study offering recommendations for aged care providers.

Aged care menus put to the test

Many South Australians living in residential aged care homes are not getting a food service in keeping with new Aged Care Quality Standards, according to research from Flinders University.

Retirement Incomes Review highlights growing divide

The Retirement Incomes Review found that the annual cost to taxpayers of superannuation tax concessions is an eye-watering $41.5 billion.

How far do people move to access aged care?

New research shows many people in non-metropolitan regions move more than 100 kilometres, or drive for more than 60 minutes, from their home when they begin permanent residential aged care or use respite in an aged care facility.

Revamp aged care to stop the horror stories

Australia’s aged care system is failing older Australians and their families and needs to be overhauled, according to a new Grattan Institute report.

New visitation guidelines as aged care moves to COVID-normal

Visitation guidelines for aged care will be adjusted as the nation returns to COVID-normal.

Exercise and the brain: three ways physical activity changes its very structure

Regular exercise changes the structure of our bodies’ tissues in obvious ways, such as reducing the size of fat stores and increasing muscle mass. Less visible, but perhaps even more important, is the profound influence exercise has on the structure of our brains – an influence that can protect and preserve brain health and function throughout life.

National award for contribution to improving the lives of older Australians

A leading Charles Sturt University gerontology expert has been recognised for her contribution to advancing the care of older Australians.