COVID-19 prevention guidelines issued to Aged Care providers

Residential aged care providers will be encouraged to limit visits from today (16 March 2020) under national guidelines aimed at the prevention and control of coronavirus.

Why you get shorter as you age

While you may be aware that a loss of vision, hearing and memory is a sign of ageing, something that is perhaps not so noticeable is a reduction in height.

Why young people are drinking less – and what older drinkers can learn from them

Young people are drinking less than ever before. Some reading this will be able to recall the 1990s – the decade of peak alcohol, when drinking was a key part of life for young people.

Royal Commission hearings and workshops closed to public

The Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety has taken the precautionary step of not permitting the public to attend hearings and workshops until further notice.

People living with dementia urged to plan early to maintain choice and control

People in the earlier stages of dementia are being urged by experts to make a plan for their future medical treatment so they can continue to have a choice in the care that they receive.

Driving legends join forces to lead the race against dementia

Racing legends Sir Jackie Stewart OBE and Allan Moffat OBE have committed to raising awareness and funds for dementia through their newest roles as Dementia Australia Ambassadors.

Sleep-deprived Aussies at risk of Alzheimer’s

New research links lost sleep to increased risk of Alzheimer’s Disease1

Older Australians working longer

Nearly a fifth of Australians aged 65 and over and working in 2006 were working ten years later, according to new analysis released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS).

Mental health, oral health and allied health care - Royal Commission Adelaide hearing 5

The Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety will hold a public hearing in Adelaide from Monday 30 March 2020 to Wednesday 1 April 2020.

Funding for aged care COVID-19 management

Senior Australians in aged care and at home are the focus of a Federal Government plan aimed at limiting the spread of COVID-19.

Nearly a quarter of Aussies not seeing doctor when needed

Twenty-four per cent of Australians do not see a doctor when they feel they need to, with cost and lack of services the key road-blocks, according to a report released today by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW).

Commission's Adelaide Workshop 2 – Research, Innovation and Technology

If the Australian aged care system is to meet the many challenges it faces in the years ahead, research, innovation and technology are vital.

Tackling COVID-19 in aged care

Minister of Aged Care and Senior Australians, Richard Colbeck, said a forum today in Canberra offered reassurance and practical advice to providers about the COVID-19 problem.

International Women’s Day shines a light on ageism in the workforce

34% of Australian women have experienced ageism in the workforce, and the number is increasing.1

Anzac Day services 2020 – overseas planning

In the lead-up to Anzac Day 2020, members of the public who are planning to attend services overseas are encouraged to register their attendance and travel plans.

Adding five healthy years to UK life expectancy – how to achieve it

By 2050, the world’s over-65s will outnumber the under-15s for the first time in history. The root cause of this is simple: infant mortality has decreased.

Implementing high-quality palliative care in nursing homes

The world’s largest primary palliative care trial in nursing homes has shown moderate increases in the quality of end-of-life care delivered in the last month of life.

Victorian Guardianship Reforms now law

New legislation will commence from 1 March 2020, to better protect the rights of adults with a disability to make and participate in decisions that affect their lives.

Dementia Australia releases national Dementia Guide

Dementia Australia is proud to launch The Dementia Guide, a comprehensive resource to support people living with dementia, their families and carers.

Power of attorney appointment does not license early access to inheritance

Understanding your responsibilities if you have a power of attorney appointment for your parents is as much about ethical as well as legal responsibilities, Australia’s leading trustee company, Equity Trustees, has cautioned.

Older and poorer: Retirement Income Review can't ignore the changing role of home

The assumption that retired people have minimal housing costs underpins the settings of our retirement incomes system.