100,000 people stop seeing GPs for chronic illnesses

Tens of thousands of Australians with chronic diseases are putting themselves at risk by missing vital visits to their GP and skipping potentially life-saving cholesterol tests to manage and prevent heart disease.

Rheumatoid Arthritis patient-support website launched

Arthritis Australia, in partnership with the Australian Rheumatology Association, has launched a new online rheumatoid arthritis patient-support website.

Aerobic exercise + strength training = lower odds of depression

People who engaged in both aerobic exercise and strength training were less likely to report a history of diagnosed depression, compared to those who were less active.

Loneliness most common stressor during COVID-19

Loneliness was the most widely reported source of personal stress for Australians during April, according to the third ABS Household Impacts of COVID-19 Survey.

Malnutrition of elderly could increase during COVID-19 pandemic

Malnutrition will kill more aged care residents than COVID-19 unless homes mitigate the effects of lockdowns and social distancing, a dietician says.

Commission investigation into impact of COVID-19 on aged care

On 28 April 2020, the aged care Commissioners made a general request for submissions widely about the impact on the aged care sector of the coronavirus (COVID-19).

New emergency leave provision for aged care residents

Senior Australians won’t be penalised or disadvantaged for moving out of an aged care facility during crisis under emergency leave legislation amendments adopted today by the Federal Government.

Blood test accurately detects Alzheimer’s disease

A simple blood test that can detect Alzheimer’s disease (AD) has been discovered and validated in a joint effort by a McGill University team and researchers in Sweden.

Alzheimer's and dementia: eating plenty of apples, berries and tea linked to lower risk

We’re often told to eat more fruits and vegetables – and for good reason. Many of the nutrients found in fruits and vegetables are responsible for numerous health benefits, in particular preventing a wide range of diseases, including heart disease and diabetes.

Queenslanders needed to help find potential COVID-19 immunotherapies

QIMR Berghofer scientists are urging Queenslanders recovered from COVID-19 to help them discover how the human immune system fights the disease – and hopefully develop immunotherapies to treat very sick patients.

Liquid Assets Waiting Period for JobSeeker payments must be abolishedfor older Australians

Preventing tens of thousands of newly unemployed older Australians from falling into poverty by abolishing the Liquid Assets Waiting Period (LAWP) must be amongst the top of mind priorities for the Government.

Free online dementia courses for aged care workers

Free, short, online courses have been announced by the Centre for Dementia Learning, Dementia Australia to assist frontline aged care staff delivering care to people living with dementia during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Industry Code for visiting aged care homes released

The ‘Industry Code for Visiting Residential Aged Care Homes during COVID-19’ has been released by 13 aged care peak bodies and consumer advocacy organisations.

Cases of hip and knee osteoarthritis increase worldwide

There were more than 300 million cases of hip and knee osteoarthritis worldwide in 2017.

ANMF celebrates International Nurses Day 2020

On International Nurses Day (IND) this year, the ANMF, the union of more than 285,000 nurses, midwives and aged care workers, is celebrating the work ANMF members do every day for every Australian.

Retire the retirement village – the wall and what’s behind it is so 2020

Retirement villages – walled, gated and separate seniors’ enclaves – have had their day.

Expert team at SA Pathology to protect aged care residents

A dedicated South Australian Pathology team has been assembled to respond to a COVID-19 outbreak in aged care and other residential facilities.

Risk factors for COVID-19 death revealed in world’s largest analysis of patient records

This is the largest study on COVID-19 conducted by any country to date, and therefore gives the strongest evidence on risk factors associated with COVID-19 death.

Upskilling aged care sector for a big future beyond COVID-19

The Federal Government’s recovery package to upskill workers critical to Australia’s recovery post COVID-19 couldn’t come at a better time for the aged care sector.

New guidelines highlight importance of managing high blood pressure

A new global set of guidelines released on 7 May 2020 (International Society of Hypertension 2020 Global Hypertension Practice Guidelines [free access article]) is particularly critical in the current COVID-19 environment.

New AIHW report reveals escalating health impact of chronic pain

The release today of the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) report ‘Chronic Pain in Australia’ reinforces the spiraling health, social and economic costs of chronic pain in Australia.