To reduce pre-Alzheimer’s cognitive impairment, get to the yoga mat

Inner peace and a flexible body may not be the most valuable benefits that yoga and meditation have to offer.

Here's what people in their 90s really think about death

Across the developed world more people are living longer, which of course means more get to be extremely old by the time they die. Nearly half of all deaths in the United Kingdom are in people aged 85 or older, up from only one in five just 25 years ago.

Ageing affects test-taking, not language in older adults

The ability to understand language could be much better preserved into old age with older adults struggeling more with test conditions than language processing.

Winter warmer warning: no outdoor gas heaters indoors

It may be cosy, but the outdoor gas heater you’re using to keep warm this winter could be a hazard unless it’s used properly.

Super changes not so super for women over 50

Women over 50 will be the worst hit as a result of the Federal Government's changes to superannuation unveiled in the Federal Budget.

Don’t call me nanna: the ‘Advanced Style’ phenomenon

The latest findings from Roy Morgan reveal that a growing proportion of Aussie women aged 65+ possess qualities fundamental for any aspiring advanced style icon.

QLD's new campaign: ‘there’s no excuse for elder abuse’

The Queensland Government has launched a new campaign to target the growing issue of elder abuse in Queensland.

Expenditure on palliative care medicine services increase by 80%

In 2014-15, 13,000 patients received an MBS-subsidised palliative medicine specialist service, with around 71,500 of these services provided nationally at a cost of $5.3 million paid in benefits.

Palliative care should be embraced, not feared

Palliative care programs are well established in Australia but they aren’t being used effectively.

Spotlight on active ageing and design

How can public space be designed to optimise participation and foster a sense of security for older adults?

Calls for both sides of government to address aged care shortfall

An alliance of 48 aged care consumers, providers and staff groups say both major parties need to promise to address the shortfall in residential places and home care services.

Study suggests rethink of dementia causes

Researchers have developed a new theory for the causes of dementia and other neurodegenerative diseases, involving an out-of-control immune system.

The battle of the diets – 5:2 or reduced kilojoule?

Australian-first research has found that the 5:2 diet does work, but is not better than a standard kilojoule-reduced diet.

Incidence of type 2 diabetes highest amongst the elderly

A new report “Incidence of insulin-treated diabetes in Australia 2014” found that in 2014, 93 per cent of new cases of insulin-treated type 2 diabetes occurred in those aged 40 and over.

Older Canberrans above national average

An ACT Health report shows that older Canberrans are doing better than the national average when it comes to their health and wellbeing.

Indigenous menu innovation dishes up national award win

integratedliving have been recognised for their contribution towards better health outcomes winning the Team Excellence Award at the 10th HESTA Australian Nursing Awards on 12 May 2016.

Scams ripping millions off older Australians

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission’s Targeting Scams Report reveals that $85 million was reported lost to the ACCC’s Scamwatch in 2015, with 105,200 scam complaints.

Take complementary medicines with care - NPS MedicineWise

Following the broadcast on complementary medicines by the ABC’s Four Corners program last night, NPS MedicineWise is reminding people to take these medicines with care.

ASIC warns of investment scams

During Consumer Fraud Week 2016, the ASIC is warning consumers and investors to ‘Wise Up to Scams’ and do some simple checks before they part with their money.

Why lifting weights is more important for your health than you think

Regular participation in muscle strengthening activity such as weight or resistance training has many health benefits.

Tips on eating to recover after exercise

Sports performance was once thought to be enhanced by practices such as drinking cognac before an Olympic marathon run. Thankfully, today’s nutrition strategies are more scientific and properly researched.