NSW Elder Abuse Helpline funding

Additional funding is to be provided for the New South Wales Elder Abuse Helpline and Resource Unit, which has received more than 4,000 calls since it was created.

Under-insurance of homes a major issue

81 per cent of renters and homeowners are exposed to financial loss because their home and contents insurance does not cover them to resume the same standard of living in the event of a crisis.

Search for prize-winning innovation for older people

A competition to find the best innovation to improve the quality of life for older people using the Internet of Things (IoT) has been launched today with a €50,000 cash prize for the winner.

Do you have dangerous Infinity electrical cables in your house?

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission is concerned that many unsuspecting home and business owners have degrading Infinity electrical cables installed in their premises.

Health insurance average increase of 5.59 per cent from 1 April 2016

The smallest increase was the Doctor's Health Fund Pty Ltd at 3.76 per cent and the highest was CUA Health Fund Ltd 8.95 per cent.

Report on protecting QLD seniors from financial abuse

Older Queenslanders to have greater financial protection as the Queensland Government starts action on recommendations from an inquiry into the financial risks and concerns faced by seniors.

Commencement of ACT Mental Health Act

The new Mental Health Act 2015 has come into in effect, giving those in the ACT living with mental illness greater opportunities to contribute to decisions on their treatment, care and support.

The aged care workforce of the future inquiry

Care for older Indigenous Australians, along with education and recruitment for aged care workers should be key issues for the current Senate inquiry.

Reviewing laws to better recognise NSW carers

Minister for Disability Services John Ajaka has encouraged people to have their say on laws created to better recognise the more than 850,000 carers in New South Wales.

Need for aged care and Oral Health Professionals integration

Australia’s Oral Health Professionals national peak body has called for better integration and utilisation of their members into aged care facilities and the sector overall.

Hepatitis C cures available today on the PBS

Hepatitis C sufferers will today get access to publicly-subsidised medications that could eradicate the deadly and debilitating disease within a generation.

Insurers take car buyers for a ride

ASIC is calling on insurers to significantly improve consumer outcomes following the release of two reports into add-on insurance products commonly sold to consumers when purchasing cars.

Consulate cases on the rise as Aussies get in trouble overseas

The number of Aussies heading overseas has almost doubled over the last nine years, with 4.3 million people leaving the country in 2006, compared to 8.2 million in 2015.

Dependence, decrepitude and death: how long is too long a life?

In 2100, I will be 117 years old, and my younger sisters will be 112 and 107. According to the Cambridge academic, Peter Laslett, we can now live to such ages.

Antibiotics may relieve low back pain caused by infection

It is estimated that four in five Australians will experience low back pain during their lifetime the leading cause of disability worldwide, and treatment options are limited.

Study on impact of art on dementia

A collaboration between the Brain and Mind Centre, the Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA) and Alzheimer’s Australia NSW will lead a study on the impact of art on people living with dementia.

Income stress in older women linked to frailty

Money might not guarantee happiness, but it could buy you physical health in older age, new University of Queensland research shows.

What is elder abuse and why do we need a national inquiry into it?

Attorney-General George Brandis has announced an inquiry into laws and frameworks to safeguard older Australians from abuse.

Does eating chocolate improve your brain function?

Everyone loves a study that turns one of our favourite vices into a health benefit. This week, the news headlines tell us “eating chocolate improves brain function” and that it “could help protect against normal age-related decline”.

Medicinal cannabis legislation passes Parliament

Parliament has passed legislation permitting Australian patients to access a safe, legal and reliable supply of medicinal cannabis products for the management of painful and chronic conditions.

SA jury duty available for people aged over 70

The South Australian Government will move to allow people over 70-years-old to sit on juries in South Australia.