Maintaining mobility and preventing disability

Many people worry about not being able to move around as well when they get older. They fear they won’t be able to continue their favourite activities, visit their favourite places, or keep up with everyday tasks.

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Campaign to help older people leave hospital when ready

A new UK campaign to support older people with frailty admitted to hospital in an emergency has been launched.

Millions face a bleak New Year as Coronavirus payments are cut again

With Australian governments and communities still grappling with the COVID-19 health and economic crisis, more than 2 million people without paid work face grave uncertainty about how they will make ends meet when the Federal Government cuts Coronavirus Supplement payments again on 31 December by another $100 to just $150 per fortnight.

Calls for overhaul of SRS sector to address abuse and neglect of vulnerable Victorians

Victoria's Public Advocate, Dr Colleen Pearce, has called for a new independent, safeguarding body to protect some 5000 vulnerable Victorian SRS residents from abuse and neglect and to ensure they are cared for properly.

Getting into shape pre-surgery to aid recovery for older patients

Older adults about to undergo elective surgery should undertake a sustained programme of targeted exercise beforehand to counteract the muscle-wasting effects of bedrest, new research suggests.

Research into how ageing immune system responds to Covid-19 needed

A call for urgent research into how age affects the immune system’s response to Covid-19 has been issued.

Age is no barrier to successful weight loss

A study of patients attending a hospital-based obesity service shows no difference in weight loss between those under 60 years old and those from 60 to 78 years old.

NDIS yet to solve disability accommodation shortage

For many people with disability, the right to choose where they live and who they live with is so constrained that they are left feeling unsafe and fearful in their own homes.

Stepping up ladder safety

Australians are being urged to put their safety first when using ladders for odd jobs, taking down Christmas decorations and DIY maintenance around the home, as part of an awareness campaign being launched today.

Older Aussies turn to video games to improve balance and brain function

A new exercise program based on arcade-style dance games is being trialled in aged care homes this month, to help improve the balance of older people and reduce their risk of falling by up to 50 per cent.

Holiday vigilance to protect older Australians in aged care

The health and safety of older Australians should be a priority this holiday season with families urged to keep in contact with those most in need - but to take appropriate precautions.

Aged care residents experience a different kind of reality

Cutting-edge technology is normally associated with youth, but a group of aged care residents in Adelaide are learning how useful (and how much fun) virtual reality can be.

The home stretch: accessing home value to fund long-term care

Individuals and society as a whole face a range of challenges around how to fund long-term care. Most individuals will need long-term care at some point as they get older.

Sharing meals key to health of older people

Sharing meals with older people – particularly those who live alone – is important to prevent malnourishment, a new study suggests.

Private health insurance increases 2021

The Minister for Health and Aged Care Mr Greg Hunt has negotiated private health insurance premiums increases from 0.5% to 5.47%.

High levels of dementia found in the Torres Strait

New research reveals dementia levels among Torres Strait Island residents are close to three times higher than those of the wider Australian population.

Report into COVID-19 outbreaks at St Basil’s and Epping Gardens

The Australian Government has released the findings of the independent review into COVID-19 outbreaks at two Victorian aged care facilities: Heritage Care’s Epping Gardens and St Basil’s Home for the Aged.

ROSA is delivering research to help older Australians make the best decisions about their health

The Registry of Senior Australians (ROSA) is extending its efforts to deliver research with impact, by working closely with the community of older Australians.

Dehydration in older people – a fluids situation

With long, hot summer days ahead, the importance of staying well-hydrated can’t be overstated – especially among older people more prone to dehydration.

Who cares for care workers?

The intricacies of the employment-care work connection must be better factored into policy, a new expert report asserts. Now, more than ever, bolstered child, disability and aged care arrangements will benefit all Australians.

Funding for regional aged care infrastructure

Senior Australians in regional, rural and remote areas will benefit from the single largest investment in residential aged care infrastructure.