Urgent call for older Queenslanders to volunteer for COVID-19 study

A call to arms has gone out to Queenslanders aged 56 and over to help advance The University of Queensland’s COVID-19 vaccine project.

Blueprint to fund decent aged care released

Australia can transform the quality of its aged care system in just four years - Health Services Union.

Additional aged care sector funding announced

The Australian Government will provide an additional $563.3 million to extend support for the aged care sector’s response to COVID-19, announced in March and subsequently as part of the Aged Care response plan.

Only 25% of older Australians have an advance care plan. Coronavirus makes it even more important

Older adults and those with chronic health conditions share an increased risk of experiencing severe symptoms if they contract COVID-19.

View from The Hill: The role of 'profit' is the elephant in the aged care room

Scott Morrison finds himself besieged on two fronts in the political war over aged care.

Seven Years of Elder Abuse Data in Victoria

Seniors Rights Victoria, in partnership with the National Ageing Research Institute, analysed seven years of advice call data to produce this report about elder abuse in Victoria.

Delivering relationship-centred quality in aged care

This week’s session of the Dementia Australia National Symposium Series 2020 – Dementia care is quality care, will highlight the importance of relationship-centred quality and how aged care homes can determine if they are delivering it.

Overcoming cultural difference in end-of-life planning

New research from Advance Care Planning Australia has highlighted how cultural background affects our attitudes and behaviours to advance care planning.

National Meals on Wheels Day 2020

Deliveries of prepared meals have helped support hundreds of thousands of senior Australians, amid a spike in demand during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mesothelioma patients are living longer - median age at diagnosis of 75

Mesothelioma is a rare, aggressive type of cancer with no cure. However, the latest data from the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) suggests survival is improving.

The government has thrown another $171 million at the problem. But a real plan for aged care has been missing all along

As deaths in aged care continue to rise, the community may find the Morrison government’s announcement of an additional A$171.5 million to boost its response to COVID-19 in residential aged care reassuring.

Release of Newmarch House COVID-19 outbreak review

The Australian Government today releases the review findings into the spread of COVID-19 at Sydney aged care facility Newmarch House, April – June 2020.

Australia far behind in monitoring aged care quality

Currently the Australian Government has no care quality outcome reporting for home care and reports on only three indicators for residential care.

Formation of Aged Care Advisory Group

LASA has endorsed National Cabinet’s moves to provide additional support for aged care and to form an Aged Care Advisory Group, reporting to the Australian Health Protection Principal Committee (AHPPC).

QLD Seniors Week to close with special thanks to Care Army

As Queensland Seniors Week draws to a close, Queenslanders of all ages are being encouraged to acknowledge the work of the Care Army and thank them for helping our seniors during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Laws passed to protect the most vulnerable members of ACT

Australian Capital Territory Attorney-General and Minister for Seniors Gordon Ramsay said the new laws were an Australian first making Canberra a more age-friendly and inclusive city.

SA Tall Poppies pursue a prescription for safer aged care

Two UniSA researchers working to improve medication use and the quality of aged care in Australia have been named Young Tall Poppies of Science for 2020.

Broccoli and Brussels sprouts a cut above for blood vessel health

New research from Edith Cowan University (ECU) has shown some of our least favourite vegetables could be the most beneficial when it comes to preventing advanced blood vessel disease.

The case for prioritising advance care planning in COVID-19 response

A new report has recommended that advance care planning could be better used as part of Australia’s COVID-19 crisis to help manage a surge in healthcare demand and reduce the need for rationing.

Call to end elder abuse

Leading elder abuse prevention organisation launches national campaign and website to provide information and practical advice to respond and prevent elder abuse.

Heart age test prompts lifestyle changes

Research into more than 1,300 Australians who took the Heart Foundation’s online heart age test show that 50 per cent lost weight and more than 60 per cent increased their exercise and improved their diet just 10 weeks after receiving their result.