HESTA Awards for disability, allied health, aged care and community sector

Nominations have today opened for the inaugural HESTA Excellence Awards, which recognise the dedicated professionals working in disability, allied health, aged care and community services.

Stanford psychologists investigate why some older adults remember better than others

Even among healthy people, a faltering memory is often an expected part of aging – but it’s not inevitable.

Delayed breast cancer detection increases government, individual costs

Australian women are encouraged to continue getting regular check-ups for breast cancer to avoid potentially thousands of dollars in increased treatment costs.

One in six medications prescribed to older people causing more harm than good

Around one million Australians over the age of 70 are taking at least one medication every day that is causing them more harm than good, leading to falls, confusion, hospitalisation and even death.

Grants for high-income home owners

The Australian Council of Social Service rejects the Federal Government’s plan to provide large grants to home builders and renovators as a wasted opportunity to address the backlog of urgent social housing repairs and the shortfall in social housing stock.

Over-use of antipsychotics without consent in long term aged care

Researchers have highlighted a critical need to address non-consensual and overly lengthy use of antipsychotics in long term aged care residents.

Fatal but forgotten - high blood pressure threat

Aussies are being implored not to discount the dangers of high blood pressure, as new research suggests few think of the ticking time bomb behind almost half of cardiovascular disease deaths.

Integrated care improves outcomes for older cancer patients

A recent study led by Monash University shows that integrating geriatric assessment with cancer treatment can reduce unplanned hospital admissions and improve quality of life for older Australians.

Research into suicide risks for over-60s during COVID-19

Charles Sturt has awarded $27,000 in funding to a study that will investigate whether risk factors associated with suicide increased among older adults during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Use it or lose it: Website helps older people stay active at home

Easy to follow exercise advice for older Australians

Yoga eases depressive symptoms

Yoga seems to ease depressive symptoms in people with other mental health issues, reveals a review and pooled data, published online in the British Journal of Sports Medicine.

National Reconciliation Week - In This Together

National Reconciliation Week 2020 is an invitation to all Australians to celebrate and deepen the bonds with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Collaboration is key to supporting overburdened caregivers

More than 41 million Americans have served as a family caregiver to someone aged 50 or older in the past year, according to the American Association of Retired Persons.

Robodebt was inhumane and inaccurate

The Australian Council of Social Service thanks everyone who has spoken out about being charged a robodebt, as the Government has finally agreed to repay all illegal robodebts.

Free public transport travel extension for WA pension card holders

Western Australian Pensioner Concession cardholders who could not access their free travel due to COVID-19 regional border restrictions will be granted an extension on their entitlement.

Register for aged care workers closer

The Australian Government is a step closer to establishing a registration scheme for aged care workers, ensuring all staff are suitable to work with senior and vulnerable Australians.

$57 million to improve palliative care

The Australian Government is providing $57.2 million to improve palliative care in aged care facilities across Australia.

‘Pre-frailty’ from age 40 – what to look out for

With all eyes on avoiding major illness this year, health researchers are urging people as young as 40 to build physical and mental health to reduce or even avoid ‘frailty’ and higher mortality risk.

Improving aged care access to mental health services

The Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety has highlighted an urgent need to improve the psychological and emotional wellbeing of aged care users – and new research by Flinders University’s Dr Monica Cations will investigate innovative strategies to address this significant problem.

Family history of prostate cancer set to hit Australia hard

Experts are urging men to check their family history of prostate cancer, issuing a warning to health authorities that the growing number of new cases could be a ticking time bomb for Australia.

Dairy-rich diet linked to lower risks of diabetes and high blood pressure

Eating at least two daily servings of dairy is linked to lower risks of diabetes and high blood pressure, as well metabolic syndrome, finds a large international study published online in BMJ Open Diabetes Research & Care.