Should we still be choosing fat-free over full-fat products?

Light or “lite”, 99% fat-free, reduced fat, low fat, less fat, reduced calorie, low calorie, lean, extra lean – are products with these labels always healthier?

Heater danger - a seasonal reminder

During the winter months the Aged Care Complaints Commissioner regularly receives complaints which highlight the need for care in using heaters in residential care services and the potential danger to residents.

Upgrade of VIC rural aged care services

The Victorian Government will fund $8 million in refurbishment to public sector residential aged care facilities across rural and regional Victoria.

Age-friendly Western Australia workshop

Three-quarters of West Australian seniors are now living in local governments that are actively working towards the establishment of age-friendly communities.

Why do some cancers suddenly disappear?

It is hard to believe that some cancers miraculously disappear, but it does happen.

Regular exercise protects against cognitive decline in later years

Regular exercise in middle age is the best lifestyle change a person can make to prevent cognitive decline in the later years, a landmark 20-year study has found.

USC seeks healthy older adults for brain training

A search is underway for healthy adults aged over 60 to join a University of the Sunshine Coast research project in Queensland to find a drug-free treatment for dementia – but there is a catch.

Downsizing preferred by more than 80% of older households

Australia’s housing stock is not meeting the demands of current and future markets, according to findings in a new Bankwest Curtin Economics Centre report.

Struggles ahead for ageing Italian migrants

With half of Australia’s 185,000-strong Italian migrant population now over 65, issues concerning aged care, including access to services, are becoming more pressing for the Italian community.

Should osteoarthritis therapy target particular muscle segments?

La Trobe University researchers have discovered, using MRI scans, people with hip osteoarthritis suffer from shrinkage of a special group of deep gluteal muscle.

New plan to support Queensland seniors

Queensland is moves to become a more inclusive state, with the Government launching a new action plan to build more age-friendly communities.

Prioritising VIC sexual health and blood borne virus services

A plan to address hepatitis B, C, HIV and sexually transmissible infections (STIs) cases in the ACT and increase access to sexual health services has been released today by Assistant Minister for Health Meegan Fitzharris.

Butterfly Household Model of Care launches in Australia

A controversial model of dementia care, developed in the United Kingdom more than 20 years ago, will be piloted in three Australian aged care homes in July 2016.

Whole grains associated with lower risk of chronic diseases and death

A higher intake of whole grain foods is associated with reduced risk of major chronic conditions, such as cardiovascular disease and cancer, as well as lower risk of death from a range of diseases.

Assessment tool to help curb bone fractures

An Australian-first bone health self-assessment tool to help consumers understand their bone fracture risk, is available to all adults, including the 7.5 million Australians living with brittle bones.

Australians falling into poverty as rents chew up incomes

The second release of the Rental Affordability Index (RAI) reveals the lowest-income households in Australia are paying up to 85 per cent of their income on rent, and unaffordability is extending to professionals.

UK population lives with chronic pain

Between a third and half (43%) of the UK population—roughly 28 million adults—lives with chronic pain, finds an analysis published in the online journal BMJ Open.

VIC disability and aged care workforce support

The Victorian Government will provide funding for a new research and teaching institute to help the disability and aged care sectors to transform.

SA 2016 seniors photographic competition

South Australian Seniors Card holders are urged to enter Through the Lens, the 2016 Seniors Card photographic competition and exhibition.

Resistance training may improve older men’s bones

A new study targeting older men with low bone mass expects to see big improvements in bone and muscle strength without the need for drugs.

Coffee won't give you cancer

The World Health Organisation’s cancer arm made two announcements this week: one welcome and one not so welcome.