Wheatfields SA - $11m aged care funding

Freeling not-for-profit aged care home, Wheatfields Incorporated, is South Australia’s biggest winner with an $11.265 million Federal Government capital grant in the latest ACAR.


Wheatfields has also won seven new bed licenses to add to the existing 53 beds.


Wheatfields Chief Executive Officer, Michelle Schupelius, said the funding was “an absolutely tremendous success” for the Freeling community and will pave the way for a long-awaited renovation of the site which would add an extension benefiting the whole community.


“We are very excited about our successful application in the latest Aged Care Allocation Round (ACAR) round which assist us in growing and meeting our mission to serve older people, responding to their needs through the provision of quality services and accommodation. We are going to be able to carry out an extensive renovation allowing us to add extra beds and vastly improve the living spaces for our residents,” Ms Schupelius said.


“We will be able to convert 20 rooms that currently have shared bathrooms to single rooms with private ensuite bathroom.


“We can improve the environment of our 16-bed memory support unit making us able to enhance the delivery of dementia care by creating a more open and free-flowing space.”


Freeling is a small community in South Australia’s wheat growing mid-north with a growing population of more than 2,200 about 60 kilometres north of Adelaide. The town provides services to farmers and their families in the district.


Wheatfields began life as the district’s hospital and when that was closed in 1982, the community turned it into an aged care home. It is run by a volunteer community board, the membership of which is nominated by the community.


“There is limited health and personal services in Freeling outside of Wheatfields incorporated,” she says.


“Our extension at Wheatfields will, once it’s completed, be large enough to provide a ‘wellness hub’ for the community to use for visiting doctors, Allied Health Professionals, local hairdressing and more which will assist to serve Wheatfields and the broader community.”


See other Aged Care Allocation Round grant recipients at https://www.health.gov.au/initiatives-and-programs/2020-aged-care-approvals-round-acar.


4 August 2021.