Extra support for WA’s seniors

312,000 Western Australian Seniors Card members are to share in almost $25.5 million cost of living rebate payments to help with the cost of daily expenses.


Singles will receive $93.12 and couples $139.64 this July.


Seniors and Ageing Minister Don Punch said, "The impact of COVID-19 on the cost of living has been evident for seniors, who often face the same financial commitments as they did before retirement but on reduced income.”


The Cost of Living rebate was first launched in 2009 and has provided over $339 million in assistance to WA seniors, with payments helping to ease the financial strain of daily living expenses.


The WA Seniors Card program provides members across the State with access to an average of $650 in total value each year and more if seniors also hold a Commonwealth Seniors Health Card or Pensioner Concession Card.


The program provides members with access to more than 900 business discounts, offering great savings every day and assisting seniors with the cost of living.


Applying for the WA Seniors Card is free of charge and it is readily available to Australian citizens or permanent residents aged over 64, who reside in Western Australia and work less than 25 hours a week in paid employment.


Further details on eligibility, benefits and applications are available via the program's website here.


29 July 2021.