Queensland campaign to shine a light on advance life planning

A new awareness campaign to understand advance life planning will help protect Queenslanders from the risk of elder abuse in later stages of life.


Attorney-General Shannon Fentiman said, “Planning for later stages of life or even after our passing can be confrontational for Queenslanders to talk about.


“But we know that advance life planning plays an important role in protecting the financial futures of all Queenslanders.


“Fundamental to informed decision-making is Queenslanders starting conversations with their families, and professionals to explore options that reflect their needs, wishes and circumstances.”


The Public Trustee of Queensland has launched a new awareness campaign - Honouring the Journey, which aims to support Queenslanders to better understand and access advance life planning services to safeguard their financial future.


The Public Trustee of Queensland and CEO, Samay Zhouand, said, “This new state-wide community education campaign is a critical part in supporting and empowering Queenslanders to take action.


“The Honouring the Journey campaign, which begins today, will target all Queenslanders through digital advertising channels, and social media, as well through grass-roots, ongoing community education sessions across the State.


“It includes information on how to recognise the signs and report elder abuse and how Queenslanders can take action to protect their financial futures,” Mr Zhouand said.


The campaign forms part of the broader work the Public Trustee is doing to prevent and respond to financial abuse in our community.


For more information on the new community awareness campaign, or for help and support options, see https://www.pt.qld.gov.au/honouring-the-journey/


If you witness violence or are worried that an older person is at immediate risk, call the police on triple zero (000).


Support is always available - If you suspect that an older person you know is being abused, or if you are experiencing elder abuse yourself, call the Elder Abuse Helpline on 1300 651 192.


16 July 2021.