Victorian Aged Care Response Centre operations

The Victorian Aged Care Response Centre has aligned its resources and operations with more than a dozen federal and state agencies, to address the unfolding situation in aged care facilities.


The Victorian Aged Care Response Centre is a joint arrangement between the Commonwealth and State Governments.


The Response Centre’s preventive and critical response efforts are focused on continuity of care for aged care residents, the safety and wellbeing of staff and residents, and increasing communication with residents’ families.


Key operational activities of the Victorian Aged Care Response Centre currently include:

  • Over 400 residents in aged care facilities have been transferred to hospitals, with the Aged Care Response Centre playing an active role in more than 300 of those cases. This includes the transfer of 14 residents this week.


  • The Response Centre has facilitated communications support for 7 aged care facilities with 859 outbound calls conducted to families of residents, including 682 inbound calls received since 23 July 2020.


  • AUSMAT has deployed 24 members into Victoria who have made 61 visits across 41 aged care facilities to date. They have been assessing existing procedures and boosting infection prevention and control measures, including on the use of PPE.


  • 61 facilities have been clinically screened by ADF and Western Health, with an additional 10 being visited today, making 71 Covid-free facilities that had their infection control bolstered.


  • In addition to 2 existing teams already assisting Victoria from South Australia – a further 2 teams of 6 personnel from QLD and WA were deployed this week to support workforce in aged care facilities. The teams are made up of nurses, personal care workers and hotel services.


  • 30 staff from allied health services were trained yesterday at Monash University as residential aged care safety officers, to support staff in higher risk facilities in safety, facility operations, and PPE compliance.


  • 20 ADF staff are today being trained in PPE usage and compliance and will be deployed to facilities next week. More training sessions will continue into the coming weeks with the support of the ADF.


  • A team from the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission is on the ground making daily visits and delivering unannounced on-the-spot checks on appropriate PPE usage and infection control practices.


CEOs of all major metro and regional hospitals and Aged Care Provider peak bodies have been contacted and briefed to ensure they have the support they need.


The Response Centre is working with Qantas, Virgin and Spotless to consider whether staff can be retrained to support aged care services.


13 August 2020.