Better services and support for older South Australians

Exploring the benefits of child care in aged care facilities is one of many projects and initiatives outlined in the Government’s five-year plan to support all South Australians to age well.


South Australia's Minister for Health and Wellbeing Stephen Wade said, with close to 40 per cent of the state’s population aged over 50, South Australia’s Plan for Ageing Well 2020–2025 will develop strategies and explore different initiatives to support older South Australians to lead healthy, active and positive lives.


“The Marshall Liberal Government has made a commitment to providing better services and support for older South Australians and this plan is helping shape and deliver on that vision,” Mr Wade said.


“South Australia has one of the largest populations of older people in Australia and that number is expected to continue to increase.


“This five-year plan will allow us to continue to meet the changing needs of older South Australians and to proactively support our communities to continue to thrive.”


The Office for Ageing Well will partner with ACH Group, City West Child Care Centre, and University of South Australia to develop and implement a Child Care in Aged Care project aimed at understanding the health and wellbeing benefits for residents and children.


“Such partnerships will explore the wellbeing benefits of increased interactions between children and aged care residents,” Minister Wade said.


Office for Ageing Well Director, Cassie Mason, said the plan was developed in consultation with the community to help identify the changing needs of older South Australians.


The Plan identifies three key priorities – Home and Community, Meaningful Connections and Navigating Change.


“We know that people are living on average 30 years longer than they did a century ago, so Office for Ageing Well has taken time to listen to older South Australians and explore what ageing well looks like to them,” Ms Mason said.


“It’s important to recognise that people experience ageing differently and that everyone has a diverse set of needs, expectations and priorities.”


About 95 per cent of South Australians aged over 65 live independently at home, while one in four people aged 85 and over live in aged care.


The Office for Ageing Well’s Tackling Ageism Award is a new initiative under the Plan which will recognise an individual, community group or organisation working to challenge ageism and promote the value of older people and ageing well.


Nominations for the award close on 11 August 2020.


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1 July 2020.