Towards a dementia-friendly Canberra

The Australian Capital Territory’s (ACT) Age-Friendly City Plan launch includes a focus on some areas becoming dementia-friendly.


Dementia Australia CEO Maree McCabe said the focus of the Age-Friendly City Plan is on practical achievements that address the barriers older Canberrans have said they face in living free from abuse, staying mobile, remaining socially connected and having good access to services.


“We recognise and acknowledge the inclusion of creating designated dementia-friendly spaces, including hosting dementia-friendly events, within ACT Government shopfronts and at major events across Canberra,” Ms McCabe said.


“These first steps towards addressing the barriers that the more than 6,000 people living with dementia in the ACT face are welcomed.


“The announcement comes at a time when people living with dementia may be feeling quite isolated, and it is promising to hear of plans to open communities up to be more inclusive.”


The Plan was developed by surveying the community and conducting consultative forums, which brought together community members and representatives of community agencies and government services to develop solutions to address the barriers that older people face.


“We commend the ACT government for its focus on creating a city that values the contributions and involvement of older people,” Ms McCabe said.


“Dementia Australia has recently launched a campaign urging all Australians to take a pledge to help keep the world open for people living with dementia, not just during the COVID-19 pandemic, but every day.”


More information about the Age-Friendly City Plan is available at:


12 June 2020.