New OPAN elder abuse prevention resources

Older Persons Advocacy Network has announced the official launch of Older Persons Advocacy Network’s (OPAN) elder abuse resources.


A mobile application ‘Elder Help’ and a video ‘Noticed Something?’ was demonstrated at the launch. Consumer Advocate Maria Berry and Community Visitor Scheme coordinator Melissa Collison (Elder Rights Advocacy) highlighted their experience of abuse of older people and how these resources will help.


“Every older Australian deserves to live free of abuse and neglect. Unfortunately, the abuse of older people remains an insidious issue in Australia, effecting between 2% and 10% of older people in any given year[1] Neglect has been particularly highlighted by the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety’s interim report ‘An Issue of Neglect’,” OPAN CEO Craig Gear said.


“These resources aim to provide information to volunteers and all those in contact with older people to aid them to recognise the signs of possible abuse, and to educate the wider community on the rights of older people receiving aged care, and how to access aged care advocacy services.”


OPAN hopes that the app and video will help address some of the concerns in the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety’s Interim Report, which highlighted the prevalence of abuse and neglect in aged care.


“It’s often aged care staff and families, as well as volunteers and visitors, who are on the frontline and might be the first to notice something is different or identify someone is at risk. OPAN wants to provide the tools to help make taking action to abuse easier”


Watch the video OPAN - Abuse of Older People - Information Video 150819 at


The ElderHELP app is available for download in the Appstore and through Google play.


More details regarding Older Persons Advocacy Network can be found at


See also the Charter of Aged Care Rights at


[1] Australian Institute of Family Studies, Elder Abuse: Understanding issues, frameworks and responses, 2016.


20 December 2019.