National registration body for aged care workers launched

The national registration body was launched today to restore confidence in a sector shaken by findings heard in Royal Commission of neglect, abuse and poor conditions for the elderly and staff.


The Australian College of Care Workers (ACCW) has been developed over the past two years for professional care workers, and will fill the voids in regulation and industry practice including:

  • Provide a registration platform for workers in the care sector;
  • Set minimum standards of practice for care workers;
  • Establish a system of Continuous Professional Development (CPD).


For members, ACCW provides them with industry recognition as a qualified professional care worker, networking and employment opportunities through a sustainable workforce job-seeking platform, better career pathways through CPD, and strong advocacy for the carer workforce.


In doing so, ACCW hopes to restore and promote public confidence in the level of care provided by the aged care sector and professional carers.


ACCW Founder and Director, Janet Lawrence, said the ongoing Royal Commission into Aged Care has made clear in its initial findings that the aged care sector needs reform, transparency and accountability to deliver a higher and acceptable standard care to those most vulnerable in the community.


“The Australian College of Care Workers is an essential solution to the problems identified by the Royal Commission concerning the aged care workforce – in both the care they provide and the conditions they work in,” Ms Lawrence said.


“The Royal Commission, through the voices of victims and their loved ones, has uncovered an unacceptable level of abuse and neglect of older Australians. It is clear that that we must act now – we cannot wait any longer. We need to treat every Australian in care with dignity, respect and compassion.”


The Royal Commission has also found that many aged care workers suffer from under payment, lack of training and development, low levels of respect and poor conditions. Meanwhile, aged care providers have reported the difficulties in attracting and retaining quality staff.


“The registration of care workers will provide much needed accountability and trust in the workforce and ensure that the negligence of a few is not repeated and doesn’t tarnish the reputations of the many carers who provide outstanding care to older Australians,” Ms Lawrence added.


“The launch of ACCW is an opportunity for the aged care sector and government to correct past failings to ensure that no Australian is left behind and treated poorly.”


21 November 2019.