Better meals coming to Victorian aged care centres

The Victorian Government is taking action to lift the standard of meals in Victorian aged care centres and public hospitals.


Minister for Health Jenny Mikakos visited St Vincent’s Hospital today to announce that the Government is delivering on its commitment to conduct a food audit of meals served in aged care facilities and hospitals and.


The audit will focus on taste, nutritional value, local procurement and diverse foods for modern diets, so that patients and residents can consume the meals they know and love.


The audit will:

  • Consider the nutritional value of food and drinks served, and how public hospitals and aged care facility menus cater to the diverse needs of modern diets
  • Assess the taste and variety of meals currently on offer
  • Look at ways to source food from local Victorian farmers and producers
  • Look to reduce high fat and high salt foods from hospitals, either at the bedside, in hospital-run cafes or vending machines.


A balanced, nutritious diet is essential for patients to recover from their injury or illness and get back on their feet. Healthy eating can help prevent chronic disease such as type 2 diabetes, many cancers and even mental health conditions.


The audit will be led by Parliamentary Secretary for Health Anthony Carbines, who will work closely with health experts and hospitals.


After the audit, all aged care facilities and public hospitals will be required to follow the revised nutrition standards and guidelines.


15 August 2019.