New guide to help people with disabilities

Western Australian Disability Services Minister Stephen Dawson officially launched the Ability Centre's new 'Future Thinking: Disability, Ageing and a Good Life' website.


The website is an online resource for people living with disability, their carers, and the health professionals who support them.


The Ability Centre is a significant Western Australian disability sector organisation. The State Government provided $368,676 of funding for the implementation of its 'Future Thinking: Disability, Ageing and a Good Life' project.


The project's aim was to develop information and resources in a range of formats about the effects of ageing on physical disability.


Some adults with physical disability were hampered by a lack of resources and supports because the information they needed was not all available from one source. Access to these resources will help to prevent poor physical outcomes in later life.


The website is the main source of information with links and information pages, downloadable and printable fact sheets, checklists and recommendations to support people with physical disability, and a consumer booklet. An information booklet and related information packs were also created for general practitioners.


The resources are designed to target critical transition periods impacting on physical ability in later adulthood and to increase knowledge, engagement with services and pro-activity in maintaining health and wellbeing.


The Future Thinking website is available at


19 July 2019.