A better deal for ACT retirement village residents

Important changes to the laws governing retirement villages in the Australian Capital Territory came into effect on 1 July 2019.


Following the commencement of changes passed by the Legislative Assembly earlier this year, retirement village residents will have a fair say on management matters with changes to the voting rules.


“This is intended to make voting more equitable between sole occupiers and multiple occupants of units in retirement villages,” Acting Minister for Justice Chris Steel said.


“Residents will now have ‘one vote per unit’ rather than ‘one vote per person’ to make voting more equitable.


“Residents will however be able to agree by special resolution to restore the ‘one vote per person’ model for votes on specific issues.


“There will also be changes to clarify the division of responsibility between residents and operators for paying for the upkeep of the village.


“This will improve the management of retirement villages by ensuring the rules around responsibility for capital maintenance and replacement are applied fairly and consistently.


“We expect these changes to have significant impact as there are more than 30 retirement villages in the ACT,” Minister Steel said.


The Government undertook significant consultation with interested stakeholders over the past few years to ensure these new laws were fair for both retirement village residents and operators.


Other key changes are:

  • greater transparency in decision making through a new optional conciliation process for residents seeking to resolve disputes with operators, through the ACT Human Rights Commission
  • range of measures to assist residents who live in unit-titled retirement villages to reduce the burden of sale of their property and duplication in administrative requirements in the management of their villages.


“These new changes will ensure our seniors rights are better protected at retirement villages, so they can enjoy their retirement,” Mr Steel said.


17 July 2019.