If you’re caring for someone who takes medicines, this app can help

New features in the popular NPS MedicineWise smartphone app will make life a little easier for people who look after someone who takes one or more medicines.


The free MedicineWise app has been updated so carers who look after one or more people can keep details of everyone they care for in the one app – and people who have more than one carer can share their medicine details with multiple people.


Around 2.7 million Australians are carers* – people who provide unpaid care for loved ones who have a disability, mental illness, chronic condition, terminal illness, an alcohol or other drug issue or who are frail.


NPS MedicineWise CEO Steve Morris says keeping on top of medicines is an important but often confusing task for people who care for others.


“Keeping track of the medicines for someone you care for has just become a little easier with these new features,” said Mr Morris.


“Our MedicineWise app now supports carers who care for others, while remaining the trusted repository of patient health information, and up-to-date and accurate information on medicines and relevant medical conditions.


“The latest update means the app is now suitable for multiple carers and professional healthcare workers who are caring for multiple people.


“Building on its core functions of storing lists of medicines, scheduling reminders, and tracking when medicines are taken, carers and patients can now share this information between multiple carers. This way, all carers can be sure that no medicine has been forgotten or given twice.


“Caring for others is no easy feat, and more than half (55%) of primary carers provide care for at least 20 hours per week,* often supported by others, so we wanted to ensure our app cares for those carers,” he said.


The new carers functionality of the NPS MedicineWise app has been funded by Family and Community Services (FACS) New South Wales. In partnership with FACS, NPS MedicineWise has ensured the app provides carers with the support they need through a digital platform.


“I’m thrilled the NSW Government has been able to help improve the app and make the role of carers easier and more efficient,” said NSW Minister for Families, Communities and Disability Services, Gareth Ward.


NPS MedicineWise is a not-for-profit organisation that receives funding from the Australian Government Department of Health. The free MedicineWise app was developed as part of its commitment to supporting the quality use of medicines in Australia.


The MedicineWise app can be downloaded from your preferred app store on your mobile phone.


*Data from Australian Bureau of Statistics (2015) Survey of Disability, Ageing and Carers.


7 June 2019.