Funding certainty against WA elder abuse

The Western Australia Government has provided funding certainty to the States on-the-ground elder abuse prevention services, launching a five-year funding agreement.


Service providers Advocare and the Northern Suburbs Community Legal Centre provide free confidential advice to seniors who suspect they may be experiencing elder abuse.


The services are in many cases the first, and sometimes only, port of call for vulnerable seniors seeking information about elder abuse issues.


Advocare will receive a $150,000 per year funding guarantee to enable it to continue to provide free, confidential advice to vulnerable seniors - some of whom do not have friends or family to confide in with suspected cases of abuse.


The Northern Suburbs Community Legal Centre will receive $277,614 per year in a five-year agreement, ensuring the centre can continue providing advice on legal recourse for elder abuse victims, particularly those who have suffered financial abuse.


Seniors and Ageing Minister Mick Murray said, "As our population ages, elder abuse is becoming an increasingly prevalent issue that has horrible effects on the emotional, physical and financial health of its victims."


22 May 2019.