Seniors reablement trial for independence and mobility

The Federal Government is launching a new $29.2 million trial to establish the best supports for maintaining mobility and independence of seniors.


This project will provide options for the futures of older Australians, as they increasingly live to 100 or more and is a part of our Government’s More Choices For A Longer Life measures to promote better ageing.


Research shows that focusing on an individual’s strengths and goals helps sustain their independence and can reduce and delay the need for more complex support, including residential care.


The “reablement model” - based on an approach used in Western Australia and Victoria - will be trialled by five Regional Assessment Service (RAS) organisations which assess clients applying for services under the Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP).


Aspire4Life, APM Assessment Services, Care Assess, NSW Health Administration Corporation and Resthaven will trial the model in locations in Tasmania, the Northern Territory, Queensland, New South Wales, and South Australia.


Training of participating RAS assessors and mentors by Access Care Network Australia (ACNA) has begun and the trial will be progressively rolled out from now until June 2020.


In the trial, service providers, senior Australians, their families and carers will be encouraged to target improved self-sufficiency and autonomy.


All participants in the trial regions will receive an “active assessment”. Most are expected to complete a reablement program lasting six to eight weeks, during which they will be assessed and coached to achieve their capability goals.


They may also receive time-limited, specialised CHSP services including greater access to basic aids, equipment and assistive technologies before being referred for ongoing CHSP services.


Clients who are not considered suitable for the reablement program because of their level of need will be referred direct to CHSP services.


At each site there will be close engagement with the local care sector and participants including training and information programs and hands-on support.


The trial includes additional funding of up to $5 million for CHSP service providers in the trial sites to support the expected increase in consumer demand.


The reablement trial complements the Government’s recent allocation of 775 new short term restorative care places, which will almost triple the number of senior Australians receiving restorative care to regain their independence.


An independent evaluation of the trial will be undertaken, with the results to help shape the future of Australian ageing and aged care.


5 April 2019.