Simplifying forms for aged care services

The Federal Government has reduced the amount of red tape older Australians face when applying for assistance with the costs of aged care services.


The changes, to be introduced in May 2019, will benefit about 180,000 people a year who are currently required to spend considerable time filling in long and complex forms as part of the means testing process used to determine the level of financial support to which they are entitled.


About 110,000 of those people will no longer have to complete any forms at all if they do not own a home and are receiving an income support payment such as the aged pension.


Those with straightforward financial affairs will be offered a new short form that is just a few pages long, while those with complex affairs will only have to answer about half the number of the questions they previously had to.


Minister for Human Services and Digital Transformation Michael Keenan said the changes were the result of work by a special Aged Care Forms Taskforce established by the Government to help ease the bureaucratic burden on older Australians.


Mr Keenan said, “We acknowledge that entering aged care can be a difficult and complex process to navigate at what is often a highly emotional time for people and their families.


“We’ve listened to feedback from customers going through this process who’ve told us the current paper forms are lengthy, confusing and take a long time to complete. The new forms remove the complexity and will take around half the time to complete – a major achievement.”


Minister for Senior Australians and Aged Care Ken Wyatt said the taskforce included representatives from government, consumer groups, aged care providers and financial advisers to ensure all viewpoints and voices were heard.”


30 March 2019.