The Australian Centre for Social Innovation and innovAGEING form Alliance

The Australian Centre for Social Innovation (TACSI), committed to building future policy, supports and systems that work for people, has joined innovAGEING’s (iA) Knowledge Alliance program.


Today’s Alliance seeks to foster collaboration to better understand the way older Australians view their homes, and the positive impact this can have in promoting their wellbeing, and supporting them to age well.


Merlin Kong, Head of innovAGEING said, “We’re excited with the synergies between TACSI and iA, as both organisations are committed to looking at new approaches to issues around ageing. In this regard, TACSI brings an important social innovation perspective to the iA community.


“As an innovation organisation that has advocated on the importance of consumer-centricity and user-experience, TACSI’s focus on people’s lived experience to identify opportunities and solutions, and then test this iteratively in a real world context is a problem-solving process that we’re supportive of.


“Ongoing TACSI initiatives of interest include:

  • prototyping financial products to make home ownership a more realistic option for older persons
  • purposeful space designs that increase social connectedness and adapt as people’s needs change with age
  • redesigning households into places of care and community connection.”


Carolyn Curtis, CEO of TACSI, said, "The Australian Centre for Social Innovation are thrilled to be partnering with innovAGEING, one of Australia’s leading platforms driving innovation for older people by shaping future supports, services and policies.


“We believe that innovation needs to play a fundamental role in both tackling the challenges and realising the opportunities of an ageing population.”


The Knowledge Alliance partnership will see Kerry Jones, TACSI’s Principal for Redesigning Ageing, join the iA Experts-In-Residence (EIR) program as iA’s resident expert on the Future of Home.


7 March 2019.