Bed in a box - top mattress

CHOICE mattress test finds that bed in a box mattresses score higher on average than their traditional counterparts.


CHOICE says people don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to get a decent mattress after extensive testing showed the cheaper out-of-the-box models outperformed their expensive inner spring counterparts.


“You no longer have to lose sleep over the cost of a new mattress, with our tests showing the ‘bed-in-a-box’ mattresses score higher than an innerspring model,” says CHOICE spokesperson Nicky Breen.


“The overall scores for online mattresses average out at around 70 while the average rating for a traditional innerspring mattress is 65.


“It’s good news for anyone looking for a bed on a budget.


“Not only are ‘bed-in-a-box’ mattresses generally cheaper, the lowest priced model we tested, the $499 Wonderrest, narrowly missed out on top spot.”


‘Bed-in-a-box’ mattresses are becoming increasingly popular in Australia. The majority are made from foam and latex and vacuum packed for transport, which allows them to be sold online and delivered directly to your door in a box.


CHOICE commissioned an international lab to carry out the unique tests. The lab looked at different elements including support, smell, stability and durability as well as debunking marketing myths about firmness and coolness. This lab is used by other consumer organisations around the world, and is considered an industry leader in the field of mattress testing.


“Although retailers, both online and in-store, will almost certainly try and tell you their product has a certain firmness or temperature, our test results found that these claims are largely nonsense,” Ms Breen says.


“The reality is there is no Australian standard for mattresses, the best way to judge whether a mattress is right for you is to try it yourself - either in store or by taking advantage of the trial period from online retailers.”


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14 December 2018.