WA Carers Strategy released

An online directory of services for Western Australia's 320,000 carers has been launched by the State Government, to achieve greater recognition and support for carers.


Releasing the WA Carers Strategy at the 2016 Carers Research Symposium, Community Services Minister Tony Simpson said the strategy was the first of its kind in Western Australia.


"The WA Carers Strategy acts as a guide for Government agencies, the community sector and private organisations, with clear strategies and actions they can follow to ensure carers receive the recognition and support they deserve," Mr Simpson said.


"The establishment of an online carers directory will allow carers to easily access information on the services and support available to them."


Other recommendations identified in the strategy include ensuring that:

  • there is accessible information on important topics such as enduring Power of Attorney and financial planning

  • flexible learning and attendance options are available in schools and workplaces for carers

  • carers are aware of the importance of their own health and seek help for themselves.

The Minister said the strategy set out a clear path towards better outcomes for carers and the people they cared for.


The WA Carers Strategy was developed by the Department of Local Government and Communities in partnership with the Carers Advisory Council and Carers WA. Feedback was sought from carers and other stakeholders and incorporated into the final report.


To view the WA Carers Strategy and online directory, see https://www.dlgc.wa.gov.au/Publications/Pages/WA-Carers-Strategy.aspx


21 April 2016.