Tapping the economic potential of SA’s ageing population

The State Government has commissioned the preparation of a Mature Economy Business and Jobs Strategy to explore the emerging economic potential of South Australia’s ageing population.


The project will be led by South Australian economist Professor John Spoehr, in partnership with Professor Frank Wagner from the Stuttgart-based Fraunhofer IAO.


Professor Spoehr said, “Business and industry, government and academia are now turning their attention to the opportunities that an ageing population generates as it reshapes local and international demand for services and products to meet the diverse needs and interests of people as they age.


"The Mature Economy Business and Jobs Strategy for South Australia will help bring together the interests and investments of these organisations and institutions into a coherent and collaborative whole for the benefit of South Australia.


"This partnership will ensure we have access to international knowledge and expertise in this area and will ensure we look at opportunities not just on a state level, but nationally and internationally as well."


The strategy, the first of its kind in the nation, will identify new mature economy opportunities and clear actions for investment and innovation in this sector.


The Mature Economy Business and Jobs Strategy, funded through Office for the Ageing, is expected to be released in mid-2016.


The strategy is part of the State Government’s vision to bring the community together to create an all-ages-friendly state as outlined in Prosperity Through Longevity: South Australia’s Ageing Plan, 2014-2019.


Professor Spoehr currently works as Strategic Professor and Director of the new Australian Industrial Transformation Institute at Flinders University’s Business School.


Fraunhofer IAO is one of Germany’s network of world leading Fraunhofer Institutes that specialises in manufacturing and business development.


Download Prosperity Through Longevity: South Australia’s Ageing Plan, 2014-2019.


14 April 2016.