New BlueBays app to help disability permit holders find a park

The South Australian State Government has developed a free mobile phone app to help people with disability share and locate accessible parking spaces around South Australia.


Disabilities Minister Leesa Vlahos said the new BlueBays app provides up-to-date information about accessible parking spaces across the State for people with a disability parking permit.


“This new free app is a fantastic tool,” Ms Vlahos said. “It provides information about the location and type of accessible car parks in both metropolitan and regional areas for about 70,000 permit holders in South Australia.


“Users can search for accessible parking spaces by postcode or address, and get descriptions of accessible spaces, including if they are metered.”


The tool was developed after feedback from the community that finding accessible parking spaces is often very difficult, particularly when in unfamiliar areas.


The app, which takes its name from the blue and white signage that identifies accessible parking spaces, can be downloaded on mobile and desktop devices.


“The BlueBays app uses a crowd sourcing platform. This technology is key to populating the app as it relies on users to identify parking spaces and share their knowledge,” she said. “While not all accessible parks are listed yet, each week more and more are being added.


“I encourage people to download the free app on their iPhone, iPad or Android devices and to start adding information about their areas.


“This is another example of technology increasing accessibility options for people with disability. The app is a creative use of technology to increase choice and independence.”


The Equal Opportunity Commission’s Tricia Spargo says it’s is great to see people with disability benefitting from mainstream technologies.


“I live, work and drive in the city and use a wheelchair for mobility. I’m always finding it difficult to locate accessible car parking spaces in the city close to my destination,” Ms Spargo said.


“I will certainly be using this app myself and encouraging others to do the same. Together, as a community, we can build a consolidated list of accessible parking spaces in South Australia.”


The BlueBays app is now available from the Apple App Store and Google Play.


2 March 2016.