Do you have dangerous Infinity electrical cables in your house?

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission is concerned that many unsuspecting home and business owners have degrading Infinity electrical cables installed in their premises.


Despite a nationwide recall of the dangerous product, of an estimated 4,000km of faulty cable supplied by Infinity cable Co, not much more than 15 per cent have been remediated under the recall.


Infinity cables fail to meet safety standards due to poor quality plastic insulation coating. Tests have shown that the cable may become prematurely brittle from 2016 onwards, which could cause fires or electric shock if the cables were then disturbed.

Infinity electrical cables


“Unsafe Infinity cable is currently installed in thousands of households and businesses across Australia - it needs to be located and made safe before it poses a serious danger to the community from next year,” ACCC Deputy Chair Delia Rickard said.


“Consumers that purchased new properties, undertook renovations, had appliances installed or had electrical work carried out in the past few years should contact a licensed electrician for a safety inspection to determine if Infinity cables were installed.”


“An electrician would typically be able to inspect a home for around $100, though costs will vary depending upon the size, location and design of the property. Such costs can be recovered from the supplier should affected cables be discovered,” Ms Rickard said.


“Consumers should not attempt to inspect cables themselves. Any affected cable installed in accessible areas or near heat sources must be removed and replaced under the safety recall.”


The relevant periods of cable supply are: 2010-2013 (in NSW), 2011-2013 (in ACT), 2012-2013 (in Vic, Qld, SA & WA) and in 2013 (in Tas).


The recalls apply to all sizes and configurations of TPS and Orange Round mains power cables sourced from Infinity Cable Co Pty Ltd and supplied under 'INFINITY' and 'OLSENT' brands. Further details ( on the recall are available.


Data received from suppliers as at 26 April 2015 indicates that between recall notifications and that date, the following progress has been made:

  • at least 589kms of cable has been remediated (approximately 29kms of cable has been replaced or rendered safe under the recall and at least 560km cable has been returned to suppliers for a refund or recovered from stores/warehouses)

  • thirteen suppliers have begun carrying out remediation

  • three of the smaller suppliers have completed their remediation

  • 224 homes have been remediated

  • at least 725 premises have been scheduled for future remediation.

Consumers can find further information at or 1300 302 502.


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