Seniors plan framing the future for older Territorians

The Northern Territory Government has released its Draft Seniors Participation Framework which lays the foundations for future policies and initiatives to support the NT’s ageing population.


Minister for Senior Territorians Peter Styles said the draft "Strong Seniors: Seniors Participation Framework 2016-19" which responds to the need for a whole-of-government approach to deliver support and services for senior Territorians is now available for public comment.


“Enabling independence through maintaining social connections and physical and mental wellbeing is vital for an active and healthy ageing population.


“All Territorians have a role in creating an age-friendly community and the development of this new plan is essential to support the NT Government’s plan for a more socially inclusive society.


“We want our senior citizens to be able to enjoy the golden years of their lives here in the Territory, all the while enhancing the fabric of our society through meaningful participation in areas such as work, training, education and lifestyle activities.”


In 2014 the NT’s estimated population of persons aged 50 to 65 years was 39,560 or just over 16% of the total population, it is predicted the number of Territorians aged 65 and over will more than double from 6.6% recorded in 2011 to 14.3% by 2041.


The Strong Seniors Framework aligns with the NT Government’s Framing the Future strategic goals of strong society and confident culture, it provides objectives and strategies aligned to nine priority areas:

  • community,

  • diversity,

  • children and families,

  • housing,

  • economic security,

  • education,

  • health

  • community safety and

  • lifestyle.

Some of the strategies included are:

  • to identify and lobby to remove age discriminatory legislation,

  • investigate incentives for businesses to retain and hire older workers,

  • work collaboratively to provide greater educational and training opportunities for seniors,

  • encourage participation by Territory businesses to offer discounts through the Seniors Card Discount Scheme

  • develop a cooperative long-term strategy for the Aged-Care industry.

Feedback on the Draft Framework can be provided up until 15 February 2016 through a short, confidential online survey at alternatively the Office for Seniors Territorians can be contacted at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 08 8999 3861.


23 December 2015.