Real Men Move website launched

The New South Wales Government will join forces with national industry body Exercise & Sports Science Australia to launch a website this week aimed to get Australian men doing more exercise.


Exercise & Sports Science Australia (ESSA) Chief Executive Officer Anita Hobson-Powell said the Real Men Move website had been created to inspire Australian men to increase their participation in physical activity and provide personalised exercise programs for men of all fitness levels.


“The harsh reality is that the number of Australian adult males who are sedentary has risen from 34 per cent in 2004-05 to over 40 per cent today,” Ms Hobson-Powell said.


“We’re seeing a trend where physical activity levels tend to drop significantly once males reach 45, so the Real Men Move website will provide practical tips for motivating Australian men in this age group to take responsibility for their health and make some key lifestyle changes.”


Ms Hobson-Powell said the website would also offer an ‘ask an expert’ section and resources for the partners and friends of inactive men to assist them in encouraging their loved ones to kick start an exercise regime.


“Sometimes, all it takes is a push in the right direction and some encouragement from their family and friends for people to recognise the importance of getting fit and starting exercising,” Ms Hobson-Powell said.


“It is after all the loved ones who end up being significantly impacted by the potentially life-changing consequences of leading a sedentary life.”


“Groups of men can also make use of the new website if they find the idea of exercising in a group setting more appealing, with plenty of tips and resources available for entire workplaces and organisations.”


“Physical inactivity is a major risk factor for a range of conditions ranging from cancer and lung disease, right through to diabetes and osteoporosis, so the sooner Australian men start to implement a regular physical activity regime, the more likely they are to stay healthy and extend their life expectancy.”


“The site also serves as a good reminder that exercise should be a regular occurrence, so while someone may take part in a social activity like golf or go for a cycle once a week this alone does not meet their recommended weekly physical activity requirements.”


To access the website, please log on to


Fast facts

  • Only 44.6% of Australian men are sufficiently active

  • The 55+ age group is the least active cohort of Australian men

  • Physical inactivity is a major risk factor for conditions like coronary heart disease, cardiovascular disease, cancer and diabetes.


1 October 2015.