Move more sit less for a healthy lifestyle

ACT Minister for Planning, Mick Gentleman, joined the Heart Foundation to encourage the community to live an active, healthy, life.


The Heart Foundation is encouraging the community to ‘move more and sit less’ by incorporating physical activity into their daily life.


“It is important for all members of our community to incorporate physical activity into their daily life. The Heart Foundation has worked tirelessly to spread the message of the importance of physical activity and I thank them for their ongoing efforts and support,” Minister Gentleman said.


The ACT Government has provided the Heart Foundation with funding since 2009 through the Active Living Program. The program looks to identify where ACT Government policies and practices can be enhanced to create a more active built environment for the Canberra community.


“This program seeks to develop effective strategies to overcome barriers to implementing active living across Canberra, including better integrating active living principles in ACT Government policies and practices.


“If I could get one message out today, it would be to encourage everyone to do what they can to incorporate physical activity into their life, and the lives of their families. This could be as simple as joining a walking group, hitting the gym or riding a bike around our beautiful city,” Minister Gentleman said.


This week the ACT Government launched a new website to encourage people to easily find outdoor fitness opportunities and share their outdoor fitness experiences. See the new website to find out more.


For more information on the Heart Foundation’s ‘active living’ initiatives visit,


25 March2015.