Supporting mature aged workers in Canberra

Business leaders, experts in seniors issues and government representatives met today to discuss barriers to mature aged workers.


Minister for Ageing Mick Gentleman said, “As part of ACT Seniors Week, the ACT Government is organising its inaugural Mature Age Workers Roundtable.


“This is an important meeting for a range of experts in this area to get together to discuss some of the barriers older people in Canberra face in employment.”


The roundtable included Chris Faulks, Chief Executive of the Canberra Business Chamber; David Lawrance, Chair of the ACT Ministerial Advisory Council on Ageing; Ewan Brown, Rod Gardiner, President of Council of the Ageing ACT; acting executive officer of Council of the Ageing ACT; and Helen Watchirs, ACT Human Rights Commissioner.


Participants examined the range of potential barriers that mature age workers may face when looking for employment as well as identifying the opportunities that currently exist and what solutions could be developed.


“The nature of employment is changing in Australia, people are maintaining good health for longer than ever before and as a result are looking to keep active in a variety of ways, including through work.


“Employers are changing their practices to make the most of the opportunities that this provides but there is a still a lot more that can be to promote the involvement of mature age workers in workplaces.


“Today’s roundtable will help us develop ways to support mature age workers and help the development of Canberra as an age-friendly capital,” Minister Gentleman concluded.


20 March 2015.