Affordable homes available for older renting Canberrans

Nineteen brand new properties across Canberra are now available for lease under an ACT Government-funded initiative.


The Come Home Affordable Rental Scheme, run by the ACT Affordable Rental office, offers homes at a 25 per cent discounted rate to eligible older couples and individuals who currently rent in the private market, Minister for Community Services Joy Burch said.


"This is not public housing but rather a more affordable way for older Canberrans to continue to rent in the private sector," Ms Burch said.


"Our research has found that there are many Canberrans over the age of 65 who live in a privately rented home but are looking for somewhere more secure and affordable."


Ms Burch said each of the 19 two-bedroom self-contained units are energy efficient and set in landscaped surrounds.


"The ACT Labor Government is committed to offering a range of affordable housing products for Canberrans, and this latest initiative is specifically targeted at older Canberrans in the private rental market.


"We are encouraging older Canberrans to apply and, if they meet the eligibility criteria, will be offered a three-year tenancy agreement and receive a 25 per cent discount on current private rents."


The eligibility criteria include being able to meet the Commonwealth age pension income and assets test, being a current renter in the private Canberra market, and have no rental arrears or legal action pending in respect to tenancy matters.


The properties are located at Bonython, Chapman, Florey, Kambah and Rivett.


An advertising campaign will start in tomorrow's Canberra Times which lists details of the properties available.


To find out more, log onto or phone 6207 1150.


16 January 2012.