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Sunday, 01 July 2012 17:10

1 July 2012 changes encouraging the disabled into work

All Disability Support Pension (DSP) recipients will be able to work up to 30 hours a week without their payment being suspended or cancelled, subject to an income test, from 1 July.


People granted DSP on or after 11 May 2005 will now be able to work the same number of hours as people granted the DSP before this date.


The measure will encourage up to 4,000 DSP recipients to get a job, and an estimated 3,900 DSP recipients who are already employed to work extra hours.


Also, for the first time DSP recipients aged under 35 years with some capacity to work will be required to attend regular participation interviews with Centrelink to develop participation plans, to help build their capacity and overcome barriers to work.


The plans will help people improve job readiness, search for employment, get training, volunteer or undertake rehabilitation.


A $2,000 Supported Wage System Employer Payment will be available to eligible employers after they have employed a person with disability for a minimum of 15 hours a week over six months.


The measures complement the new Impairment Tables that were introduced earlier in 2012.


Today also sees the introduction of more generous rules that allow DSP recipients who have a severe impairment and no future work capacity to travel overseas for more than 13 weeks while keeping access to their pension.


1 July 2012.

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