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Singapore to test facial recognition on lampposts, stoking privacy fears - ABC News 13 April 2018.


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An Australian charity is offering tiny houses for the price of an upmarket car - The New Daily 22 March 2018.


Some Can Combat Dementia by Using Still-Healthy Parts of Brain - University of Arizona 11 April 2018.


Night owls have 10% higher mortality risk, study says - CNN 13 April 2018.


Cats and dogs are so ingrained in the family that they're taking our names - Btisbane Times 14 April 2018.


Cheetah and border collie find friendship at Canberra Zoo - The New Daily 28 March 2018.


'Very angry badger' invades Scotland's 16th-century Craignethan Castle - ABC News 15 April 2018.


Online tool can measure individuals’ likelihood to fall for internet scams - University of Cambridge 4 April 2018.


Plan to combat winter flu in Tasmania not good enough to ease bed pressure, nurses say - ABC News 15 April 2018.


Australian children going hungry, report finds, with one in five kids missing meals - ABC News 15 April 2018.


Goodbye Kepler, hello TESS: Passing the baton in the search for distant planets - The Conversation 9 April 2018.


Conflict in outer space will happen: legal experts - University of Adelaide 10 April 2018.


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World-first study links birth interventions and long-term childhood illness - Western Sydney University 26 March 2018.


People prescribed medicinal cannabis will have now access to it within two days under streamlined process - ABC News 13 April 2018.


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Experts urge review of alcohol consumption guidelines - University of Queensland 13 April 2018.


Industry funds beat for-profit super managers again - Your Life Choices 13 April 2018.


Some Can Combat Dementia by Using Still-Healthy Parts of Brain - SOURCE University of Arizona 11 April 2018.


Scientists discover a role for 'junk' DNA - University of Michigan 11 April 2018.


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High-intensity interval training may have anti-aging benefits, study finds - abc News (USA) 8 March 2018.


'Aggressive' advance directive permits halting food and water in severe dementia - NPR 29 March 2018.


Aussie BBQ classic proving a snag to good health - The George Institute 14 March 2018.


RANZCP calls for more funding to support military veterans’ mental health - Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists 28 March 2018.


Adelaide aquifers face a dry future - Flinders University 21 March 2018.


NASA Ready to Study Heart of Mars - NASA 30 March 2018.


New downsizing rules to help over-65s with low super - The New Daily11 April 2018.


Provider developing a driving simulator for seniors - Australian Ageing Agenda 11 April 2018.


Hostage Bargaining Syndrome identified - Your Life Choices 4 April 2018.


Air New Zealand thrashes Qantas again in latest airline rankings - The New Daily 11 April 2018.


3 research-based things a doctor says should be part of your weight loss efforts - The Conversation 11 April 2018.


Augmented reality app may aid patients with Parkinson’s - Rice University 10 April 2018.


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[Military] Transition and Wellbeing Research Programme [reports] - Department of Veteran's Affairs 10 April 2018.


Why weather forecasters still struggle to get the big storms right - The Conversation 6 April 2018.


Antarctica's Underwater Ice Is Retreating 5 Times Faster Than It Should Be - Live Science 3 April 2018.


NASA Begins Building Next Mars Rover for 2020 Launch - 10 April 2018.


Oldest man likes soaking in Japan hot springs, eating sweets - MSN 11 April 2018.


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New 3D printed gloves put to test at Commonwealth Games - University of Adelaide 6 April 2018.


Can Sydney swallow the sewerage solution? - Western Sydney University 13 March 2018.


Boosting brain’s immune cell function improves Alzheimer’s symptoms in mice, study finds - UCLA 7 March 2018.


Cricket deaths detailed in new research - LaTrobe University 26 March 2018.


Imported frozen pomegranate seeds recalled after hepatitis A outbreak - The New Daily 7 April 2018.


Sedative-associated delirium increases risk of dementia - Vanderbilt University 29 March 2018.


Industry funds satisfying more at the top end - Roy Morgan 6 April 2018.


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What's in a Fat Cell? - Live Science 4 April 2018.


Slow cycling isn’t just for fun – it’s essential for many city workers - Western Sydney University 16 March 2018.


Land degradation pushing planet towards sixth mass extinction - UC Berkeley 29 March 2018.


Signal detected from the first stars in the Universe - Swinburne University of Technology 1 March 2018.


UCLA researchers show a cancer defense mechanism could be turned back to attack tumors - UCLA 5 March 2018.


Heavy bones, low body weight: scientists discover new link between bone cells and blood sugar level - KU Leuven 14 February 2018.


Charities find aged-care profits elusive, while shareholders rake it in - Your Life Choices 6 April 2018.


PNG earthquake’s political aftershocks require careful handling - East Asia forum 6 April 2018.


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How Exercise Can Keep Aging Muscles and Immune Systems ‘Young’ - New York Times March 2018.


SpaceX Cargo Capsule Arrives at Space Station with Tons of Supplies - 4 April 2018.


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