More safety for rock fishers and boaters in NSW and Southern QLD

A new weather warning issued for the first time this week is aimed at enhancing the safety of rock fishers, boaters and swimmers in and around coastal waters.

Tea lowers risk of Alzheimer’s and diabetes

There is now even more reason to enjoy a cup of tea with a new review of existing research showing the humble cuppa can help prevent diseases, including Alzheimer’s disease and diabetes.

Violence against nurses highest in aged care

Queensland nurses and midwives are experiencing increased violence in public, private and aged care facilities.

Retirement is not so super for women

Australia’s compulsory superannuation system is failing women who are retiring with around half as much superannuation (53%) as men.

Grants to build age-friendly WA communities

Experts in building age-friendly communities will today join Secretary General of the International Federation on Ageing Dr Jane Barratt to discuss opportunities for Western Australia's aged.

NT seniors concessions overhaul

The Northern Territory Government has commenced action to review all aspects of the NT Pensioner and Carer Concession Scheme with the launch of public consultations.

Taxi Subsidy Scheme to be reinstated for QLD NDIS

The Queensland Government will reinstate the Taxi Subsidy Scheme (TSS) for National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) participants.

Welfare website overhaul

The Federal Government is overseeing changes to the Department of Human Services website to make it simpler, clearer and faster.

Low cost, low cover private health policies rising

An ACCC report into the private health insurance industry released today has found that affordability of private health insurance remains a significant concern for consumers.

National Allergy Strategy training for food service industry

Following an alarming rise in episodes of anaphylaxis, a online food allergy training and education program has been launched for those working within the food services industry.

Regional carers struggle compared to city dwellers

Carers in regional and rural Australia are finding it even harder than those in the city to access many forms of support.

VIC Government supporting Men's Sheds

The Victorian Government has invested more money into supporting two more Men's sheds in Nagambie Lakes and Wodonga.

Older people's loneliness makes them more vulnerable to scammers

UK fraud investigators have warned that lonely older people are being targeted by scammers who persuade them to invest their pensions in self-storage units. Lonely older Australians are also too vulnerable to unscruplous scammers.

First provider of Butterfly model of dementia care

Barunga Village a regional South Australian aged care facility is the first to become an accredited provider of the international ground-breaking model of dementia care in Australia.

Care at home reforms - public consultation

The Federal Government has released a public discussion paper to help inform future care at home reforms.

Help for QLD seniors with housing decisions

Older Queenslanders will have better support to stay in their homes and remain connected to their communities with the announcement of new measures.

Telephone support for more VIC families

The Victorian Government is helping grandparents caring for children, dads and rural families to get free parenting support they need when they’re unable to attend support services in person.

Trial finds honey to be superior for dry eyes

For thousands of years communities have recognised the wound healing and anti-bacterial properties of honey.

Ageing in a virtual world

A group of people sit around a clear blue pool, dangling their feet in the water, chatting among the palm trees, surfboards propped up in the sand behind them. It’s a tranquil scene.

Easier authorisation of spokespersons for aged consumers

An important change to My Aged Care has been clarification of who can speak on a consumer’s behalf, and under what circumstances.

A purpose in life by day results in better sleep at night

Having a good reason to get out of bed in the morning means you are more likely to sleep better at night with less sleep apnoea and restless leg syndrome.