Closer to a mesothelioma treatment

The Asbestos Diseases Research Institute (ADRI) has announced promising further results from the first-in-man study testing microRNA-based treatment for mesothelioma (TargomiRs).

Why time seems to go by more quickly as we get older

When we were children, the summer holidays seemed to last forever, and the wait between Christmases felt like an eternity. So why is that when we get older, the time just seems to zip by, with seasons disappearing at dizzying speed?

Australia first - melanoma blood test

Victorians will be the first in Australia to access a revolutionary new blood test to diagnose melanoma sooner and give patients the best chance of survival.

‘Worried well’ boost their risk of heart disease

People who needlessly worry that they have, or will develop, serious illness—popularly referred to as ‘the worried well’—may be boosting their risk of developing heart disease.

New VIC emergency warning facilities

Whether it’s a flood, fire, storm, earthquake, tsunami or shark sighting, Victorians can now receive warnings for all emergencies through a single mobile phone app and phone number.

Male bonding - good for mental health

Lack of social connections can lead to a higher risk of developing a mental health condition, but Australian men have a range of opportunities for social interactions.

Award for withdraw of dementia medication

Royal North Shore Hospital’s Dr Emily Reeve was last night announced as a finalist for the Bupa Health Foundation Emerging Health Researcher Award, at the Research Australia Awards dinner.

Breakthrough alzheimer’s and parkinson’s research recognised

Queensland’s Dr Rebecca Coll has been recognised by Australia’s peak medical research body for breakthrough research that could help treat incurable diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

Do we care about old people behind bars, and should we?

The aged are the fastest growing segment of the prison population. Some contributing factors are mandatory minimum sentences, longer sentences for serious crimes and the reluctance to release some offenders back into society.

Generators for VIC care facilities

The Victorian Government has switched-on a further 62 power generators to residential care facilities located in areas of high bushfire risk across the state.

Brain training can help in fight against dementia

Researchers at the University of Sydney have found that engaging in computer-based brain training can improve memory and mood in older adults with mild cognitive impairment.

Blindness in diabetics GP-led trial

In what is a world-first, technology developed by CSIRO will allow diabetics to have their eyes tested by a GP, removing unnecessary referrals to visit a specialist.

Pharmacies to help detect diabetes

Community pharmacies are to play a larger role in the early detection of type 2 diabetes.

New cancer drugs have little effect on survival

Despite considerable investment and innovation, new cancer drugs approved in the past 10 years may have little effect on survival in adults with cancer, argues an expert in The BMJ today.

New mobile resource for wound care

The Government has released updated treatment information for wounds in new formats to improve healthcare.

WA SilverSport pilot program expansion

More seniors will have the chance to be active following the Westen Australian Government's decision to expand the popular SilverSport pilot program.

QLD child abuse statute of limitations lifted

The Queensland Government has implemented key recommendations of the Royal Commission into Institutional Child Sex Abuse, by removing the legal limit that can hamper the ability of victims to make claims for damages.

National Disability and Carers Advisory Council

The establishment of the National Disability and Carers Advisory Council has been announced.

Men's health status update

Data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) shows all Australians that lifestyle choices, including smoking, alcohol, diet and exercise can influence how long a man lives.

Aged care support for elderly NT Indigenous people

The service provider to develop and operate a new Flexible Aged Care Service in Nhulunbuy, East Arnhem in the Northern Territory has been announced.

WA mental health residential aged care pilot

Access to residential aged care for people with complex mental health problems will improve, under a pilot project launched by Western Australian Mental Health Minister Andrea Mitchell.