Group memberships after retirement linked to longer life

Membership of social groups, such as book clubs or church groups, after retirement is linked to a longer life, with the impact on health and wellbeing similar to that of regular exercise.

Australia's population at 24 million

Australia's population was expected to reach 24 million, at about 12:50am 16 February 2016, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics' (ABS) population clock.

Urinary incontinence can be a problem for women of all ages, but there is a cure

Urinary incontinence is urine leakage from a loss of bladder control that mainly affects women after childbirth. But it can happen to anyone. Around 37% of Australian women have some form of the condition compared to 13% of Australian men.

Cooking at home = Prescription for healthy weight

More than half Australian adults are unhappy with their weight, with many wanting to eat better, trim portion sizes and cook at home more.

Relationships more beneficial to women than men

Women in relationships have better overall health compared to their single counterparts; for men, their overall health is not influenced by their relationship status.

Police appeal for information following hit-and-run

Police are hoping to speak with the driver of a white utility, after a 59 year-old pedestrian was hit in a hit-and-run collision in Hillsdale last month.

One in three pedestrian deaths aged over 70

Police are urging pedestrians and motorists to be on the alert for each other following a significant number of recent pedestrian fatalities.

10 tips for heart healthy living

For Heart Month international and National Heart Research Day, 14 February, Dr Joanna McMillan - a leading Dieticians, Nutritionist, TV personality presents her healthy heart tips.

Next generation of banknotes

At the 50th anniversary of decimal currency, the Reserve Bank has announced that the first of Australia's next generation of banknotes, the new $5, will be issued from 1 September 2016.

Gravitational waves detected

For the first time in history, astronomers have observed elusive gravitational waves – ripples in space time caused by a violent cosmic event taking place in the distant Universe.

Improved diabetes control with new diet

Adelaide researchers have developed a diet and exercise program, highly effective in reducing the burden of type 2 diabetes, with an average 40 per cent reduction in medication levels.

Investment in solar and battery storage

AGL Energy Limited has joined the Australian Government in investing in San Francisco-based solar company Sunverge Energy’s world-leading battery storage technology.

Legislation for choice in aged home care

Older Australians will have greater choice and control over their aged care services under proposed changes to aged care legislation.

Wash all supermarket produce- food researcher

Pre-washed supermarket fruit and vegetables should be washed again to remove all traces of pathogenic bugs, says a Victoria University food researcher.

Australia's corruption score on the rise

Australia has dropped further from the top 10 of least corrupt countries in the world.

Aged care facility ground breaking at Sunshine Coast

Living Choice Twin Waters retirement village today saw the start of construction of a high care residential aged care facility onsite.

Medicinal cannabis legislation introduced today

The Federal Government will today introduce landmark legislation providing patients a safe, legal and reliable supply of medicinal cannabis for the management of painful and chronic conditions.

Close the Gap - renewed commitment needed

Political parties have been called on to renew their commitment to closing the unacceptable health and life expectancy gap between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and non-Indigenous Australians.

Mobility and adjustable bed suppliers fined

Clews, which supplies Seniors Plus products and D Burnz which supplies Better Living Australia products have each paid $20,400 in ACCC penalties.

Last week to comment on ACT cat containment

Only days remain for Australian Capital Territory citizens to provide feedback on proposed new cat containment areas.

Crack down on dodgy VIC health providers

Victoria’s health complaints watchdog will be given greater powers to name and shame dodgy health service providers and practitioners, and ban them from practising.