Struggling to get your daily dose of veggies? Tap into the power of soup this winter

Plant-based diets are one of the biggest health trends this year, but despite this most Australians struggle to meet their daily vegetable quota.

Bomber Command 75th anniversary

Australians reflected on the service and sacrifice of the men who served in Bomber Command as a commemorative service was held today to mark the 75th anniversary of the operation commencing.

Infinity and Olsent electrical cables threaten home fires

Thousands of homeowners across Australia remain at risk of electrocution or house fires due to faulty Infinity electrical cables installed in their homes.

Urgent Payments reform for welfare recipients

The Federal Government is reforming the way it manages Urgent Payments to break the cycle of debt and better support welfare recipients who find themselves under financial stress.

New pilot to streamline Disability Support Pension claims

New claimants for the Disability Support Pension will experience more streamlined assessment process.

Government to scrap Carbon Tax compensation

The Federal Government has reintroduced legislation to end compensation for the now defunct Carbon Tax by closing the Energy Supplement to new welfare recipients.

What causes Alzheimer’s disease? What we know, don’t know and suspect

Alzheimer’s disease is the most common form of dementia, which is an umbrella term used to describe general loss of memory, thinking skills and other day-to-day functions (such as cooking, paying bills, cleaning and even dressing).

Over 50s eligible for free, life-saving bowel cancer test

Australians who are over 50 are encouraged to participate in the free National Bowel Cancer Screening Program.

Find out about your aged care options before you need them

A variety of aged care services and support options are available to help older people remain independent and enjoying life in their communities.

Intermittent fasting

The Dietitians Association of Australia says it sounds easy to eat very little for a couple of days, then eat whatever you’d like for the rest of the week, and lose weight…but does it work?

Good nutrition essential during winter

To help fight the flu this winter for more than 10,000 Queenslanders in need, Meals on Wheels, will deliver almost 500,000 nutritionally balanced meals to bridge the gap in many people’s diets.

Stroke Care Champion nominations open

The Stroke Foundation is seeking to uncover the inspirational unsung heroes making life better for Australia’s stroke community.

Funding to support food waste reduction

The Federal Government is supporting those on the front line of food rescue and food waste reduction with $1.2 million in funding under the Food Rescue Charities Program.

Government tries to slash incomes of poorest – again

ACOSS is urging Parliament to again stand up against the latest attempt by the Federal Government to cut the incomes of people who have the very least in the country.

Valium tablets recalled because of suspected tampering

A recall notice has been issued for all packs of valium following the discovery of potential tampering, which is being investigated by the police.

WHO adopts Global Plan for Dementia

The push for a National Dementia Strategy received renewed urgency today after the World Health Organisation (WHO) adopted a Global Plan of Action on Dementia.

Five eye beauty secrets from your optometrist

No matter what you’re packing in your makeup kit, bloodshot and puffy eyes are never beautiful.

QLD seniors get transport and household savings

More South-East Queensland seniors are saving on public transport and household expenses, with 200,000 combined seniors cards and go cards handed out to older commuters.

Women rely on the family home to support them in old age

Australian women don’t just trail men in total wealth, they also have less diverse asset portfolios.

Abused caregivers have double chance of poor health

Women who become caregivers after experiencing intimate partner violence face a double-whammy hit to their health, University of Queensland research shows.

New wound care manual

A new free wound care manual has been released to address critical gap in nurse education.