Private health insurance reforms

The Federal Minister for Health, Greg Hunt has announced a wide ranging package of reforms to make private health insurance simpler for Australians with some receiving reduced costs.

Increase in proportion of older Australian mortgagees

The proportion of income younger mortgagees are using for housing has declined over the last decade, but for older Australians it has increased according to new figures released by the ABS.

Making driving possible for older Sydneysiders

Royal Rehab Return2Driving, is now offering elderly persons support to meet NSW Roads and Maritime Services, Drivers Licence requirements.

Older adults may fall more when on prescription sleep medications

Taking physician-recommended sleep medications to treat insomnia may actually increase the risk of falling for older adults, according to a team of sleep researchers.

Pick-me-up robot aims to reduce falls

New research being undertaken at the University of South Australia could see robots learn to help frail and elderly people who fall in their homes to get up again safely, reducing further injuries.

Include grandparents in child out-of-home care

Across Australia, growing numbers of children are entering out-of-home care, including disproportionate numbers of Indigenous children.

WA Purple Road raises awareness of elder abuse

The serious issue of elder abuse is being highlighted through the Purple Road, a community project encouraging people to contribute to a growing 'road' of crocheted flowers.

Avoiding caregiver burnout

There is now one in eight, or more than 2.7 million Australians providing unpaid care to a loved one with a disability, mental illness, health condition or who is elderly.

ASIC update on interest-only home loans

ASIC has provided an update on its review of interest only home loans, examining whether lenders and mortgage brokers are inappropriately recommending more expensive interest-only loans.

Grandparents - when migration robs a country of its children

One of the central arguments in support of pro-immigration policies in Europe is that developed nations in the West need young workers to help pay for the pensions and healthcare of ageing populations.

VIC Senior of The Year 2017

Mornington volunteer cancer worker and cancer survivor, 77-year-old Roy Francis, has won the prestigious Victorian Senior of the Year award.

To keep heatwaves at bay, aged care residents deserve better quality homes

With rising temperatures, surging power prices and an ageing population, there are challenging times ahead in terms of looking after our most vulnerable elderly citizens.

Students help citizens to age well in our communities

The health and wellbeing of people aged 40-75 could benefit from more advice and checks, according to Flinders University research.

GenXchange initiative to connect generations

Sunshine Coast seniors have been invited to participate in a knowledge, conversation and skills sharing experience with University of the Sunshine Coast students through the genXchange program.

Older Territorians face lack of support

People ageing in remote communities of the Northern Territory are facing issues such as lack of access to suitable home support and home-care services despite recommendations of an inquiry to improve such services.

Knowing the signs of Lewy body dementia may help speed diagnosis

Lewy body dementia reached the public eye in 2014 after reports that Robin Williams died with diffuse Lewy body disease.

As US retirement age creeps up, health gets worse

Ten years from now, Americans born in 1960 will be able to start collecting their full Social Security retirement check, at the age of 67.

Cruise ship passengers without adequate insurance

Half of Australian cruise goers are leaving themselves exposed to huge bills of hundreds of thousands of dollars by failing to understand the importance of travel insurance.

Queensland Literary Awards announced

Queensland’s literary talent was tonight (Wednesday 4 October) recognised at the 2017 Queensland Literary Awards (QLA) ceremony at the State Library of Queensland (SLQ).

High-intensity workouts send the wrong message

The allure of high-intensity interval training is simple – go all-out for as little as one minute and reap the benefits of a 45 or 60-minute workout.

CSU Clinical Chair in Aged Care Practice Innovation announced

Charles Sturt University and Catholic Healthcare have announced the appointment of Associate Professor Marguerite Bramble as the inaugural Clinical Chair in Aged Care Practice Innovation.