Finding super sparks $860 million worth of joy

New data released by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) shows that Australians were busy finding and consolidating their superannuation accounts towards the end of 2018.

$110 million awaiting Medicare customers

About 670,000 people have not provided Medicare with their bank account details, preventing more than $110 million worth of rebates from being distributed to them.

Bedsore prevention practices in aged care could constitute abuse

The mandated practice of two-hourly repositioning of residents in aged care facilities to prevent bedsores is ineffective and could be causing more problems than it solves, a UNSW study says.

Robodebt taken to Court over dodgy debts

The Australian Council of Social Service welcomes the landmark case launched by Victoria Legal Aid in the Federal Court, challenging the Centrelink automated debt recovery system, Robodebt.

Specialist Dementia Care Program

The program will see more than 30 specialist care units established to provide best practice person-centred care for people exhibiting very severe behavioural and psychological symptoms of dementia.

Mindfulness promising option for easing chronic pain

Mindfulness meditation is a promising option for easing chronic pain, finds a pooled analysis of the available data, published online in the journal Evidence Based Mental Health.

New agreement on disability needed - Productivity Commission

The Productivity Commission has called for a new National Disability Agreement (NDA) between all Australian governments to promote cooperation, enhance accountability and clarify roles and responsibilities.

Australia stagnates on corruption ranking - quality reform needed

Transparency International’s landmark annual global corruption report has put Australia in 13th place.

Why more older Australians are declaring bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is affecting more and more older people. About 2,400 of the almost 17,000 new bankruptcies in Australia in 2017-18 were aged 60 or more, information from the bankruptcy regulator suggests.

Sleep apnoea creates gaps in life memories

People with sleep apnoea struggle to remember details of memories from their own lives, potentially making them vulnerable to depression, new research has shown.

Medicine problems behind 250,000 hospital admissions annually

A new report has revealed 250,000 Australians are hospitalised each year, with another 400,000 presenting to emergency departments, as a result of medication errors, inappropriate use, misadventure and interactions.

900 Aged Care Places for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Seniors

Applications are now open for the second round of expansion funding under the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Flexible Aged Care (NATSIFAC) program.

New Short-Term Restorative Care places

More than 5,000 seniors will benefit from specialised care programs to help them continue living independently at home, after a Federal Government allocation of 775 new Short-Term Restorative Care places.

Higher rates of disease and death among the disadvantaged

Social factors play an important role in a person’s likelihood of developing and dying from certain chronic diseases, according to a new report from the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare.

Red Cross urges people to seek help in North Queensland flood emergency

As the flood emergency continues in north Queensland, Red Cross is encouraging affected communities to access a range of advice and resources from its website to help cope with the threat of rising water levels.

Penalties for sham contracting underpayments to care workers

Two labour-hire companies that provided workers to a major home care company in Adelaide have been penalised more than $200,000 over a sham contracting scheme and underpayments to workers.

Increased choice in elder care? – neoliberal policies make it difficult

We can all agree that older people should have the choice to stay at home, and be cared for there, if that is what they wish to do.

Sleep deprivation accelerates Alzheimer’s brain damage

Poor sleep has long been linked with Alzheimer’s disease, but researchers have understood little about how sleep disruptions drive the disease.

Poor sleep and heart-related death

Elderly men who experience extended episodes of interrupted breathing while asleep have a high risk of heart problems.

Junk food diet linked to Alzheimer’s disease

Women who eat a diet filled with unhealthy junk food have higher rates of the hallmark Alzheimer’s protein beta-amyloid in their brains - putting them at greater risk of developing dementia.

Boomer ‘risky’ drinking habits rise

More older Australians are drinking at “risky levels” as the Baby Boomer generation ages, Flinders researchers warn.